Top ten Romanian touristic treasures to discover in 2019

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Discover 10 amazing Romanian places to visit in 2019: the joy of travelling

In the last couple of years, we noticed that Romania became one of the rising stars in the international travel community. Slowly but surely the former communist state transformed into a relatively modern country, attracting people from all over the world. It seems that a growing number of people decide to spend their vacations in Romania. Are you surprised? Probably not! Foreign tourists want to take advantage of the beautiful Romanian places and implicitly to discover various fascinating stories. There are so many things to discover and ultimately transform into amazing memories. Why should you consider Romania as a travel destination? This is a question that has to be handled with care and attention.

The majority of people that spent their holidays in Romania had the pleasure of discover a gorgeous country. They were able to discover amazing stories about the locals and various touristic objectives. It is quite charming to go through touristic experiences and then share them with friends and family. As you probably know by now, every single trip we make, has the potential of becoming a source of unique emotions but also nasty surprises. When you take the time to do the research, you pave the way to beautiful emotions. Having the knowledge beforehand means a great deal to those that are about to travel to a new country. We can tap into the existing sources of information and then use it to set the ideal travel parameters.

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What are the most important things to consider before jumping on a plane? Well, it is quite simple:

  • 1 Find a great hotel to stay in
  • 2 Know the local and regional restaurants: identify the treats of the local cuisine
  • 3 Find a good means of transport (public or private)
  • 4 Have a detailed itinerary in place

These four starting points can lead to pretty amazing touristic experiences. You could tackle them with patience. This is a good way to make sure that you have access to the best services, while also respecting the approved budget. Every traveler has a budget, big or small. Most of us respect the budgetary framework and try not to exceed it. We know that sometimes it can be difficult, but yet we do our best to remain within specific budgets. What is so great about travelling to Romania?

Well, there are many arguments that can be brought in favor of a travel experience in this country. Some of them might emotional while others quite practical. As you gather more information, you begin to understand why so many people come to Romania. This is a wonderful country, with lots to offer and countless stories to share with loved ones.

Romanians know that they live in a beautiful country, which surprises them with various expressions of love and charm. Even though sometimes it can be hard for locals to enjoy life, with all the negative news hovering over their heads, the simple life in Romania takes care of everything. If we take the time to enjoy the simple things and relinquish the stress of getting things done fast and work for money like madmen, then we can embrace life and all that it gives us.  This is probably why so many people are travelling as often as they can in order to escape stress, anxiety, depression and other problems. For a brief period of time, travelers get to forget about the issues that plague their minds on a daily basis. We need a smart approach on the travel experiences, which can be quite amazing.

Romania is a country that raises interest among those that love to discover nature, history, art and culture. Gone are the days when the remnants of the communist era represented the primary pols of touristic attractions. No more. Today, tourists visit the Romanian towns and villages with utter delight and enthusiasm. There are many professional tourists that manage to transform trips into incredible adventures, described with uncanny joy and skill in YouTube videos. Such videos become amazing promotion tools for countries, restaurants, hotels and services. Romania should make an effort to attract such tourists and present them some of the best places to visit. This is probably the optimal way to promote a country in a virtually free manner. When you have such a smart way to tackle tourism, success is guaranteed.

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Photo credit: Dusmanu Ionut

Top 10 Romanian touristic treasures: discover great places today!

We travel daily through different parts of the country, discovering with delight various places. Our job implies that we transport cars from one place to another. This is how we get to explore Romania and uncover some its secrets. It is a lot of fun to go through some of the most popular travel regions in Romania. Still, there are some issues with the roads that can be challenging. In such cases, it is recommended to drive with care and respect the legislation. Don’t be in a hurry. Your destination won’t go anywhere. It will wait for you. During our travels in the country we noticed a huge potential to grow. Romania is a repository of beauty, which keeps on fascinating tourists.

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Our top 10 places to visit while in Romania include Bicaz Lake, Transfagarasan road, the monasteries in Bukovina, Targoviste city, Culture Palace in Iasi, Bran Castle, Peles Castle, Corvinilor Castle, Bucharest and Cetatuia Monastery in Iasi. These are the places that impressed us and could be visited anyone that loves traveling. Every place has its distinct story. Once you are there, you contact a vibe that can’t be described.

Our experiences were pretty special, even when we got to stay only a couple of minutes there. As a result, we tend to let visitors develop their own opinions on the places they visit. At the end of the day, each trip is unique and subjected to personal standards. If Targoviste seems to us as a wonderful city, some might say that it is a dull place. Experiences differ and that is absolutely fine.

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