Unforgettable city-break in beautiful Suceava city

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In search for a great travel experience in Suceava city: charming city-break in Bukovina

There thousands of Europeans that love to go on city breaks in various countries. It is not surprising to see them search for great places to visit, given the curiosity that drives many young tourists to expand their cultural horizons. In the last couple of years, thousands of people from different European states decided to spend two or three days in various Romanian cities. Used to the touristic concept of city break, relatively new in Romania, tourists want to experience the most out of their trips. For those that want to spend their vacation days in our country, there are a lot of places to visit and stories to hear.

Romanian people are quite charming and welcoming. Foreign tourists always seem to appreciate this particular hospitality, hard to find in other countries (maybe in Greece). Still, there are certain regions in Romania that are renowned for their hospitality and generosity. Bukovina is one of the most visited Romanian regions, attracting tourists from all over the world. If your plans include a trip in this part of the country, then you are in for a joyous treat. Everyone loves to explore this region, which is rich in cultural, artistic, historical and culinary wonders. There is something in the air that keeps tourists on their curious toes. Once here, you begin to wonder with enthusiasm: What can I visit next? This is a question that comes naturally, with no surprise whatsoever.

Photo Credit: Dusmanu Ionut

The next beautiful trip in Suceava city

When you plan a trip in Bukovina, you get to discover new and fascinating places, worth cherishing for years to come. Taking into account the impressive number of places to visit, it is important to be informed and thus choose the right objectives to shortlist in a fascinating itinerary. There are many tourists that know exactly where to go and take the most out of each visit. If you have a car by your side then it becomes easier to set the basis of an unforgettable trip, one that will stick with you for years and years. How come? Well, the logic is simple: you get to go wherever you want, without feeling the pressure of restriction. If you are limited to public means of transportation, it becomes quite difficult to visit new and exciting places in Bukovina. With a car under your strict control, you can go where you want, without being restricted to two fixed points.

One of the most visited cities in Bukovina is Suceava, where people can feel the true nature of the region. This is a city that keeps on surprising tourists (foreign and Romanian). Why should you consider visiting the city this summer? Well, this town is the former capital of medieval Moldova, known most for the actions of a famous ruler: Stephen the Great. This ruler managed to protect this small medieval state against the constant pressure coming from the Ottoman Empire and raids from Kazakhs. There were difficult times for those living in Moldova but through the actions of intelligent and quite cunning rulers.

Poveste Cetatea Sucevei
Photo credit: Dusmanu Ionut

There are many people that want to visit Suceava in order to see the Citadel. This is an amazing place, which should be in your travel itinerary. There were many people that visited Suceava Citadel and were more than impressed with what they found here. This is a beautiful Citadel that was never conquered, irrespective of the sieging armies, which is quite impressive. Some people want to see such commanding strongholds and record their visits in photos and short clips. The impressive thick and tall walls of the citadel and the complex defense system makes the Suceava Citadel a place worth visiting when you’re in town.

You should know that near the Citadel you will find the Bukovina Village Museum, which can be visited with pleasure. This is a museum that houses some of the most intriguing and fascinating houses in Bukovina areas. It is worth a visit, especially if you are with friends or family members. In the city you will also find the Bukovina Museum. It is a beautiful and interesting place. There many beautiful churches in the city, with rich histories. If you are looking for a spiritual connection with Bukovina, then you could visit some of these churches. These churches might provide the much desired spiritual comfort.

In any city break food plays an important role in the overall experience. This is probably why most tourists want to find places where they can eat delicious food and enjoy comforting dishes. Suceava is definitely a city that impresses with its culinary offers. You can find great restaurants here and eat traditional Romanian or international food. It depends on what you crave and the restaurant’s offers. With a quick search on the internet you will find rather quickly restaurants to visit.

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