VW Jetta: the best choice for June travels in Cluj

June begins with an adventure, behind the wheel of VW Jetta, rented from Autoboca! Why not take the chance to explore Romania in style?

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In less than a couple of days, the first summer month will officially begin. This is considered to be the most beautiful season of the year. Why? Because everything around us has a completely different vibe compared to the cold and dark winter months. The sun is shining, the environment is greener and we feel much more enthusiastic about our perspectives.

When the natural conditions are perfect for a trip, why not take the chance to discover a new place? It is not surprising to see so many people search for good ways to explore a specific region. In June we can start to think about vacations and happy times with friends and those close to us.

There is a positive energy floating in the atmosphere and we could use it in order to achieve our goals. Also, during summer, the majority of people choose to go on vacation and venture into exploring new and beautiful locations. Are you surprised? The answer is probably no.

Everyone deserves to have fun and take a break from stress. Sometimes we manage to do so while other times not so much. If you have free time on our hands it doesn’t hurt to know where we can go. Nowadays it is rather easy to set the basis of an amazing experience. The internet is there to offer assistance during all aspects of the documentation process. 

Rediscover the pleasure of an exciting trip through Romania 

In other words, we should prepare ourselves for beautiful weather, sunny days and plenty of reasons to travel. Even if time is not always on our side, we can take advantage of an extended weekend and prepare for a short trip in the company of the people we care about the most.

This is a chance to disconnect from our daily activities, forget about stress and recharge with fresh energies. The hardest part is choosing a particular destination. Most likely, there are a dozen places that you would like to visit (at least once). Some of them can become great sources of happiness and joy.

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Romania can be an ideal selection, especially if you’re interested in relaxing and exploring beautiful nature and unraveling the secrets of history. Here, you will find a magical land and each region has something unique to offer.

In the North, you will be mesmerized by the picturesque atmosphere and the peacefulness that seems to dwell in the entire area. This is a region that surprises with its unique monasteries and historical ruins. When you start to look for a new place to visit in Moldova, Maramures or Transylvania, you can expect a wide array of possibilities.  

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This is where tradition is kept intact and you will find some of the most beautiful natural sights in the country. A lot of pilgrims come to Moldova in order to visit the generous number of monasteries and churches built here. The South has its own charm and you will have quick access to the Black Sea and Danube Delta (another natural wonder). It is a layback region with welcoming locals and delicious food.

The western part of Romania is a major attraction point for many foreign tourists. In the past few years, this area has become an important business center as well. Investors have seen the market potential and they didn’t miss the opportunity to expand their services here as well. 

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Cluj-Napoca is one of the most important cities in the western part of the country and thousands of people arrive in Cluj Airport on a daily basis. They come here either for business reasons or for exploring this beautiful area. You will discover a magnificent place where modernism is combined with traditionalism and stories of the past.

Cluj-Napoca is much more than just a city, it’s a location filled with wonder, legends, and impressive natural surroundings. It’s also known as the gateway to Transylvania because from here you will have easy access to all the major touristic attractions emblematic for this region.

Photo credit: Vasile Prisacariu

With proper information and the help of professionals, you will be able to put together an interesting and lively itinerary fit for the entire members of the family. You could spend a couple of hours visiting old museums and palaces, then venture to the beautiful Cetatuita fortress and enjoy a panoramic view of the city. Or, you could attend some of the most popular music festivals that attract thousands of tourists from all over the world: Untold and Electric Castle.

However, finding a proper car for your travel endeavors is essential: you need to travel with ease and comfort. Safety is also important, so it would be preferred to have access to a vehicle which can meet all of these criteria. AutoBoca can help you at this matter. We are a professional rental firm and we are always ready to help our clients with high-quality and reliable services. 

Rent VW Jetta in Romania great price

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Considering these aspects, we suggest that you rent the new VW Jetta for exploring Romania this June. Why exactly? Because this is an elegant, powerful and spacious model. Not only that, but it’s also very easy to drive. We received hundreds of positive reviews from our clients. They were very pleased with Jetta’s overall performance and this is the opinion of millions of drivers around the world. Thus, we are quite sure that you will enjoy driving the new VW Jetta as well.

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Still not convinced? Then we suggest that you read some of the feedback left by our customers after they rented VW Jetta from AutoBoca. In the following lines, we will provide more details and explain how simple it can be to drive a good car with pleasure in Romania! In just three simple steps you can access the right car for your travels. It is that easy to rent a good car in Romania from us. 

Best services ever! Extremely satisfied!

Traveling is always a source of relaxation and a chance to create special memories with friends and family. You may also have an opportunity to learn something new on the way. With a good car by your side, you will be able to go freely to all the desired destinations. That is why the majority of tourists opt for a rental service. Why? Because this is an excellent solution for an important problem!

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In Cluj-Napoca, you can rely on AutoBoca whenever you need a proper means of transport. In our fleet, you will have access to many new and interesting models and VW Jetta is one of our top picks. Our customers were very pleased with how this car behaved on the road and how easy it was to drive it. 

Mr. Thomas Mueller rented a VW Jetta from our office in Cluj for a 4 day period and he was very kind to leave us this feedback: “Best prices. Most friendly service ever. It’s not possible to be faster! Ultrafast, perfect. Car state? Like new, only 13.800 km. I strongly recommend using Autoboca, BEST SERVICE EVER!” It’s quite obvious that our client was very happy with the way we handled the renting process and with the car itself.

calatorii prin tara 2018

Mr. Constantin Florin also chose VW Jetta from AutoBoca in Cluj and his experience can be described as: “Extremely satisfied! Will contact us to others? Most probably!” Receiving such positive feedback from our customers only encourage us to continue improving our services and our fleet.

We want you to have an amazing auto experience and we will do whatever it takes to ensure that we keep our word. And the best part is that you can rent VW Jetta from us in Cluj-Napoca at an amazing price! Not only that but if you will choose to rent this model online, you will get 5% discount (if you will make full payment).

Believe it or not, within minutes you can reserve this beautiful car for your trips to Romania. Why not travel care-free and with pleasure? Contact us today and take advantage of our offers for June!

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