VW Touran, an excellent minibus for traveling with friends or family

Larger groups of people can rent the new VW Touran from AutoBoca! Explore Romania with a gorgeous minibus…

Spring is quickly making its presence felt, by bringing us warmer temperatures, brighter days and more reasons to travel. Are you ready to embrace the warmth of free and brilliant trips? If you are then the next rows might come in handy. Now, it is a great opportunity to end those long cold winter months with a short trip. We probably got sick of watching the cold weather compromising our plans to go outside.

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The time has come for a beautiful emotion behind the wheel of a good car, cruising through wonderful locations. Why not explore a new location, somewhere far away from the agitation of big cities? Besides, what could be more rewarding than a couple of days in a beautiful mountain resort, surrounded by the people dear to your heart?

Every now and then, you need to take a break from routine, daily responsibilities and simply relax and recharge with energy. As March is just around the corner, why not take advantage of this occasion and plan a small getaway with your family and friends? All you need is a good, spacious and resilient car and enthusiasm to go on touristic adventures. There are many places to visit and cool emotions to share with friends and family members. Are you ready to discover them in a pleasant and free manner? Hopefully, your answer is a rezoning yes!

Unde este pasul Rucar Bran

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Romania is always a good choice for a family vacation. There is a plethora of historical and natural attractions which will amaze even the most demanding tourist. You could spend a couple of days in the mountains, at the seaside or perhaps choose to visit the biggest masterpiece of nature: the Danube Delta. The peaceful atmosphere of these paradises will cure you of stress, anxiety and provide many chances to create long-lasting memories (and photos). Some of them might even bring you comfort later on in life.

As usual, time is one resource that we never seem to get enough of. However, with a little bit of planning, you will be able to create an amazing itinerary which will include charming natural locations, historical monuments (palaces, castles) and a chance to discover more of Romania’s customs and traditions (and of course, spoil yourself with delicious culinary treats).

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For instance, you could choose the route Bucharest – Brasov – Sibiu – Targu Mures and stop in Cluj. You could begin your journey in the capital: perhaps spend a couple of hours at the Palace of Parliament then enjoy a good coffee in the historical center, surrounded by old and elegant buildings.

Brasov and Sibiu are some of the most beloved mountain cities. Even if they’re small, they are packed with history, culture and lots of tales from the past. On their streets, you will find a medieval allure combined with modern elements. These are cities that keep on attracting visitors from all over the world. Why shouldn’t you discover their vibes with pleasure?

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Targu-Mures and Cluj will not disappoint you either. History and architecture lovers will have an amazing time at these locations. Pretty much any construction comes with a beautiful story which only underlines the diversity and richness of Romania’s culture. At the end of this vacation, you will return with lots of energy and fresh experiences. Cluj is without a doubt a city that impresses visitors with minimal effort. It is absolutely gorgeous.

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One essential part of a pleasant travel is the means of transport chosen. If you intend to go on the road with your family or with a larger group of people, then you have to think thoroughly about how you will get to your desired destinations. Renting a good minibus can be a good solution. These are spacious vehicles with a robust constitution, which means that you can rely on them for very long drives. Not only that, but it will allow for all of you to travel together, which is definitely much more fun and convenient.

However, which model would best be suited for friends and family travels? AutoBoca can help you choose an excellent minibus. Groups up to 7 people can opt for VW Touran, which is an interesting combination of a larger minibus model and a compact car. This means that you get the benefits of the two: a higher control over the car and plenty of space so that you won’t be concerned about luggage or people traveling crammed and uncomfortable.

VW Touran is one of the latest additions to our fleet and managed to make many of our customers very happy with its performance. The versatile nature of this model (adapts easily to different transportation needs), will help you travel with ease despite the difficulty on the road.

We are convinced that you will enjoy driving this minibus and that you’ll explore Romania with pleasure. How difficult can it get to rent VW Touran from us? Much easier than you think! Let’s find out right now what are the steps you need to consider if you’d like to rent this minibus. Are you ready to discover more things about the minibus?

March comes with amazing deals for renting minibusses at AutoBoca

We’re always there to support our customers with high-quality means of transport and excellent services. For this reason, for the upcoming month, we have prepared some interesting discounts that you should not miss out on! If you’re interested in renting the new VW Touran, you will have the opportunity to save money without compromising ride comfort and performance.

What do you have to do in order to rent a minibus from AutoBoca? The steps are quite simple: you contact us and one of our agents will take it from there. Or, if you find it easier to do it online, you can simply go on our official website, fill in a form and within minutes you will have your reservation. Yes, it is THAT easy! We don’t want to waste your time, we’re here to support all your travel initiatives and ensure that you’ll have a pleasant trip.

Also, with AutoBoca, you will have access to extra services in order to have all the necessary conditions for a stress-free holiday. Not only that, but you will be greeted by friendly agents that can provide helpful information and good recommendations. AutoBoca has offices all over the country which means that it will be very easy to get in touch with us. So why not rent the new VW Touran today and enjoy a wonderful family vacation?

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