VW Touran recently added in our fleet

What would be a good minibus model designed for long trips or day to day use? Discover the new VW Touran at one of AutoBoca Romanian offices!

There is such a joy in discovering a new country, with all of its glory and shortcomings. It can be a delightful experience if you manage to have all the pieces together. If you’re planning for a family vacation or simply you’re interested in driving a powerful and spacious car, then we may have a good solution for you to consider. July and August are the two summer months when most people choose to go on holidays with their loved ones.

Romania could be an excellent vacation destination for those interested in exploring a new culture and a vibrant sense of existence. Not only that, but you’ll have access to various beautiful locations filled with centuries of history and remains from past civilizations. Depending on the route you’ll be taking, you’ll be able to visit impressive castles, fortresses including medieval cities. You won’t be disappointed by what you can discover in our country.

Marea Neagra Romania

Photo credit: Constantin Seghedin

In Romania, you can find activities fit for every tourist preference. Also, you’ll have the chance to admire some breath taking landscapes (especially in the mountain areas) and create long lasting memories with the people you love. In other words, it would be difficult to get bored in your time spent in Romania. With the proper research and guidance, you can have an amazing holiday that will help you recharge your energies. Are you ready to discover amazing places? If you’re answer is yes, then consider reading with attention the rows below.

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Regardless of which type of trip you have in mind, the importance of the means of transport used is undeniable. You know very well that if you’re not comfortable with the car you are driving, what it was supposed to be a pleasant experience will turn into a frustrating and stressful one. It pays to be attentive to the elements that can make your experience better. Why take the risk of ruining your family vacation? And this is where AutoBoca comes in.

We are a professional rent a car agency in Romania and we always strive to improve our services and the cars delivered to our customers. With this mind, we would like to present the latest addition to our fleet: VW Touran. What should you know about this model? It is a beloved minibus model that provides many benefits to the people that choose to drive it.

The VW Touran is a versatile car which can be fit for long drives with your family or simply used to perform your daily activities within the big Romanian cities. We only want to offer the best quality cars to our customers and for this reason, we included VW Touran to our fleet. Let’s find out more about the advantages of this minibus! Sounds like a good plan, no?

Which minibus to rent for your holiday to Romania? Enjoy driving a quality car by choosing VW Touran!

Planning your vacation can be quite a demanding task, as you’ll have to consider various aspects. One of them is finding out which car would best suit your traveling needs. If you’ll be going on holiday with your family, you need a means of transport that can accommodate a larger group of individuals and provide an extra level of safety. For this reason, AutoBoca suggests that you rent a VW Touran. It’s a spacious minibus with seating options for medium and large group of people (up to 7 seats) specially designed for long trips. Touran minibus respects the highest quality standards brought forth by the German automotive giant VW. That alone speaks about the performance of this car, as VW are worldwide known for their attention to detail and perfecting the auto experience for the driver.

What are the advantages of renting a VW Touran? This is an important question and it should be answered accordingly. Since the benefits are generous, we decided to compile a short list with the most important ones:

  • Can accommodate up to 7 people;
  • Modern features meant to make your trip more pleasant: AC, high quality materials, intelligent control board design, performant audio system and so on;
  • Manual transmission with a cylindrical capacity of 1395 CC which translates into a better control of the car and a medium gas expenditure;
  • Generous trunk, which means that there will be plenty of space for luggage (which is one major issue whenever you go on a holiday);
  • High comfort and safety levels– due to the solid constitution of the VW Touran, you will feel safe and in control on the road (which is very important, especially if you have to travel to long distances and on different types of roads).
Bran cetate vizita Brasov

Photo credit: Dusmanu Ionut

There would be other benefits to renting a VW Touran, but it’s better that you discover them yourself! That is the best way to explore the characteristics of a good car! Each driver has its own style to unveil the true potential of a car and you will not be disappointed in the performance of a VW Touran. We are confident that you will enjoy driving this minibus in the big Romanian cities and also for other types of trips.

Where can you rent a VW Touran in Romania? AutoBoca has some special offers for renting minibusses for the whole summer season!

Now that you have a better understanding of the main features of VW Touran, the next question that comes to mind is: where can you rent this beautiful minibus? AutoBoca has prepared special rent a car offers for the summer, as we want to surprise our customers with attractive prices.

We want to make sure that you’ll be set for the road behind the wheel of a good car that doesn’t exceed your budget either! You can find us in the main cities and airports in Romania. Therefore, you can easily have access to your minibus if you will choose to rent a VW Touran from us.

De unde pot inchiria masina in Bucuresti

Our agents are always prepared to be at your disposal and provide all the necessary information. You can rely on us to find you the right means of transport that is perfect for your traveling needs. Not only that, but you don’t have to worry about the renting process either. With AutoBoca things are simple. Our specialists have designed an easy to fill the form in order for you to have access to the car you want.

Within minutes you can rent a VW Touran and have it waiting for you in the moment you arrive in Romania. You choose your desired location and one of our agents will be there to give you the minibus (clean and with a tank full of gas). Don’t miss out on this opportunity to drive a high-quality car!

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