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Which words would you use to describe your last rental experience? We invite you to find out why AutoBoca can be the right choice for you!

In today’s society, traveling has become an important part of our daily activities, helping us reach various places with relative ease. We are used to getting in our cars and driving to the desired destinations. This is an efficient manner to save energy and time, the latter being a precious resource that can’t be refilled.

Therefore, no sacrifice is too big in order to gain a bit of time which we could use doing another type of activities, such as focusing on our children, family or even hobbies. It can be quite the joy to travel to new places and discover them without stress.

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Either way, if you manage to complete your tasks and gain an extra hour or two, you can say that you are truly fortunate. And sometimes, this can be achieved just by using the right car. If you have to travel for many hundreds of kilometers, you could reach your destination faster if you have a good-quality vehicle by your side (one that you’d also like driving). That is why people are very careful and thorough when selecting a means of transport. They want to be sure that the selected means of transport will deliver stability and comfort during all travels. 

However, in order to juggle with all professional and personal expectations and demands, we have to be organized and plan ahead. It’s very important to be properly informed so that any decision we might take to get us the desired outcome. Of course, unpredictable situations will always occur, and that’s why it’s also good to remain flexible and willing to adapt to the new circumstances. When you are prepared, then you could find solutions. 

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Quality transport means for those that love comfort and flexibility

So if you have to travel a lot in the following period (to new locations, countries or simply at a national level), it may be a good idea to begin planning for a route, which are the best roads to take, which vehicle would be best suited for your transportation needs and so on.

In order to ease their workload (and also save themselves from many unwanted headaches), the majority of tourists opt for a rental service on their visit to Romania. Whether that they come here for business or leisure, one thing remains certain: they all want high-quality cars by their side. With the right car, travelers can reach their destination without problems. Fortunately, it is quite easy nowadays to use a good car in order to go to any place.

Renting can really help you spare your time, energy and even money. If you will collaborate with professionals, you can expect to have a brand new vehicle at the location of your convenience. Sounds good, doesn’t it? How do you access reliable rental offers? Where can you rent good cars for your travels to Romania? Let’s find a couple of answers to this particular question.

You can begin your search by trying to find an answer to this question: “How would I like to describe my rent a car experience?” Most likely, you will be using words such as “efficient”, “without issues”, “real professionals” and “advantageous prices”. Basically, you are looking for a full package which includes a good car which is delivered in due time and without hassle.

This is exactly what AutoBoca does for all of our clients. We have trained agents, with years of experience always prepared to aid those that require a good transportation means. All of our staff has a strong work foundation which was built on our core values: honesty, transparency 100%, efficiency, and promptness. These values were designed in order to make sure that every client is happy with the services received. 

During our 10 years of experience, we learned that the key to a successful business is a happy client. We do our best to offer clients access to the very best services possible through hard work and dedication. Nonetheless, we would never ask you to simply take our word for it. Results speak much louder than words. Our efforts and welcoming cars are best evaluated by the experiences of our clients. They can tell you with all honesty how they perceived their collaboration with AutoBoca. So what are the words they use to describe our services? Let’s find out more now! 

de unde pot inchiria o masina

The best we experienced from any car hire company. Excellent!

From the very first steps to rent a car industry back in 2008 in Radauti, we were keen on delivering professional services and swift access to good cars. It was not an easy and smooth ride to become the company we are today, but we would do it all over again because it is worth it. AutoBoca has turned into a national brand that stands for professionalism, reliability, and efficiency. 

In time, we managed to open several offices across Romania (through the major cities and airports). Now, we activate in 13 locations, including Bucharest. We get clients from all over the world, that are looking for reliable and trustworthy rent a car service. Thus, we try our very best to be properly prepared to meet their expectations. Periodically, our fleet is being renewed with interesting models from various classes. Each client has different transportation needs, therefore, it’s essential that we can provide diversity and personalized services. 

Recently, one of our customers rented a Suzuki Vitara in our office in Bucharest Baneasa for a 7 day period. Bucharest is a lively city where there is a need for sturdy and good cars, capable of delivering great auto experiences. Traffic can be problematic at times, but if you have a reliable vehicle by your side, it will be much easier to get through. 

Mr. Mullin Orlaith chose Suzuki Vitara from AutoBoca. He trusted us with delivering an impeccable car that is suited for the streets of Bucharest. Our agents were very fast and accommodating in order to ensure that Mr. Orlaith doesn’t encounter any troubles. At the end of this rental contract, our client left us the following feedback: “The customer service was the best we experienced from any car hire company and we’ve used a few in our time. Very good value for money. Excellent. Very efficient. No hesitation in recommending to others!”

In other words, he was very pleased with how we handled the entire renting process and also with the car that was given to him. Suzuki Vitara is a powerful SUV, spacious and easy to drive. It can be an excellent choice for traveling inside and outside the urban areas. The beauty of this SUV is its capability to adapt to the traffic conditions without any issues.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for a different car model, rest assured that you can find it (or its equivalent) in our fleet. AutoBoca has 10 years of experience in the field and we are always ready to surprise clients with new offers. Currently, we have two interesting deals in September which are quite special. You will have the chance to save money without compromising on quality!

More precisely, you can rent the new VW Jetta at the price of VW Golf. Jetta is a beautiful compact car very appreciated amongst our clients and drivers all over the world. We are convinced that you won’t be disappointed in its performance. If you prefer an automatic car, we recommend that you rent the new Opel Astra Automat. This is another excellent model which you can use without problems on your travels in Romania.

At AutoBoca, you’re the one chooses. We are here to assist you in finding the right model which is best suited for your trip. Contact us today and take advantage of our September deals! It is easier than ever to rent a good car from us.

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