Welcome to a beautiful East-European country: Romania

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Discover the joy of exploring Romania with a welcoming car!

The year 2019 has the potential of becoming a source of emotional vitality and touristic beauty. It is absolutely normal for people to discover stunning places, with unique characteristics and wonderful people. There are a lot of tourists that can’t wait to spend their holidays in new locations. The thrill of discovering new things, people, stories and passions can’t be properly described. If you are getting ready to embark on a touristic journey this spring, consider Romania as a possible destination. Why? Well, there are many reasons that could enforce such a decision.

First of all, you can start by gathering information about this East-European country. This is a good way to set the parameters of an unforgettable travel experience, one that you won’t forget any time soon. As you will discover, there are many articles written by experienced tourists, which can become beacons of guidance. A well-informed travel plan can lead to amazing memories. This is probably why so many people want to read articles about the places they should visit. It is a normal and healthy attitude towards travelling. The more we know about a place, the easier it will be to get around its problems and enjoy its beauty.

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Why do so many people spend their free time traveling?

Every year people invest their money into one or two holidays, either abroad or in their own country. It is not surprising to see travelling as a top activity for most working and retired men and women. The benefits of going somewhere you’ve never been are tremendous. We can see travelling as a potential “remedy” to the growing development of stress, anxiety and depression in our daily lives. There are times when we forget to disconnect from our work and thus we let in the ugly nature of stress and anxiety. We can’t forget about the burnout syndrome which seems to be a growing health concern in many countries around the world. More and more people work overtime in order to complete their tasks and thus attract the attention of managers and CEOs. As we push ourselves to work more than usual, the mind and body begin their decent into poorer states.

We don’t advocate against working hard but we strongly believe in smart work. An intelligent approach on time management and work input can lead to healthier lifestyles. Vacations play an important role in our capacity to carry on and perform better at our job. In addition, we avoid connecting with daily stress. During a trip, we put some distance between us and the things that “plague” our existence. As we distance ourselves from toxic people and stressful working conditions, we start to enjoy more life and its many gifts. At least once a year, it would great to follow up on your instinct and travel to a new place.

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Why should you choose Romania?

When it comes to European destinations, there are gorgeous places that simply delight the eyes and caress the soul. We are blessed with countless options. Every tourist can choose something that he or she likes. For instance: history buffs can opt for a trip to Rome, Madrid or Florence; art lovers can go to Paris, Amsterdam or Stockholm; nature lovers can turn their eyes to Romania and its many serene locations. Europe has something for every tourist. All we need to do is find the ideal destination for our passion. In order to have fun and gather new and exciting memories, we should travel to locations that can bring us joy.

Romania can be a place of fortitude and visual delight, especially you love nature, history, art, stories, hospitality, delicious food and fun. Take the time to learn a couple of things about some of the most popular Romanian touristic objectives. This is a good way to discover the ideal places to visit. It would be such a shame to miss out on certain locations with potential, just because you had no idea they existed. Get informed and use the acquired data to set the prospects of a great travel experience. You will be greeted by the famous Romanian hospitality which can make trip easier to manage. It is always nice to talk to kind and decent people. You never know when you might need some help to get around.

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AutoBoca and welcoming vehicles

In 2019 you can opt for a professional Romanian rent a car service and choose a good vehicle to get around. AutoBoca has been around for 10 years now in Romania, helping people travel with pleasure to various locations. Our firm has worked hard year after year to develop the best services possible. It was a hard fought battle with constant changes and various clients expectations.

You can read clients testimonials, left behind by those that rented our cars. We invite all our clients to leave testimonials. This is how we can improve and develop great services. In the past we also used the clients’ feedback to add cars in the fleet. There were many people that wanted to rent cars with automatic transmission and we added VW Polo and VW Astra. Due to the growing attention given to pollution and air quality, we do our best to add in the fleet cars running on gasoline and not diesel.

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Today we invite you to discover some of our welcoming cars and use them with confidence to explore different Romanian regions. You will find in our fleet cars from respected auto producers like Ford, Mercedes Benz, Dacia, Opel, VW, Renault, Chevrolet, Suzuki and others. We do our best to add good quality cars in the fleet, which can be rented without reservations by clients. If you want to rent a vehicle from us, simply use our online reservation form. In just three simple steps you can reserve and securely pay the car and that’s it. We shall deliver the car to you: clean and with a full tank of gas. You just take the keys and drive. It’s that simple!

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