What should we visit this Centennial year in Romania?

100 years of Romania: a proud moment for Romanians all over the world. How can we celebrate this amazing event?

With each day that passes, we are getting closer and closer to the main event of the year 2018: 1st of December, the day when Romania will celebrate 100 years of existence. The whole country has made preparations for this amazing event. It will be a really special moment as we will have the chance to commemorate some of the most amazing events that took place in 1918. The entire country is carefully preparing for this beautiful event and even if we are not convinced patriots we cannot let this day just pass like it would be an ordinary one. A century of Romania is a big achievement for all of us and it deserves attention. 100 years is a proud number, not to be taken lightly! 

Considering the importance of this historical event, it would not be such a bad idea to discover a couple of interesting things with respect to the steps taken so that today we could enjoy a unified Romania. We rarely think about how lucky we are that we have the liberty to wander through every little corner of the country and thus discover incredible things and stories. This particular liberty is free for all! Why not use it to set the basis of a wonderful auto experience? It is quite easy to do so these days.

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We don’t take enough time to contemplate on the real sacrifices that our ancestors have done for us, nor to take them as an example to improve the society we live in. Our schedule and minds are filled with routine issues which focus solely on accomplishing individual objectives. For far too long we have stopped thinking as a unit, for the greater good of the nation or for taking action in aiding the progress of Romania. Sometimes it is recommended to think about past glories and the democratic values that guided us throughout the years (Excepting the communist regime). 

Of course, no one is saying that we have to give up our lives and devoted to the country, but it couldn’t hurt if we were to try to be a little more aware of what’s happening around us. Our country has become a common good, easy to access which makes us forget to appreciate this privilege. Even if it’s derogative, this attitude occurs from the lack of education of our youngsters. They are reluctant in discovering the vast history of the country that they live in. Romania has a rich culture with centuries of history, various legends, and beautiful stories.

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The lack of motivation and interest from our government also disappoint us as a nation. Since we are confronting with daily difficulties, we are not in the mood to praise the achievements of our country. However, the 1st of December has a special meaning which emphasizes the idea that one should never give up on their dreams, regardless of how impossible it may seem. With determination, passion, and devotion, solutions will be found. In this very day, we have a chance to be reminded of the greatness of the past and the wisdom of those that once ruled our country (Ioan C. Bratianu, Iuliu Maniu, Carol I, Ferdinand I and others). 

If 100 years ago, those hundreds of thousands of Romanians would have given up this powerful idea for which people fought for centuries (beginning with the Union declared by Mihai the Brave in 1600), today we wouldn’t have the privilege to call our country Romania. We would still be divided and scattered. In other words, this amazing thing was obtained through lots of sacrifices, devotement, and efforts of many people even if not all of them got the acknowledgment they deserved.

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Sadly, we can’t teleport ourselves back in time to celebrate 1st of December in 1918, but we can make 1st of December 2018 truly amazing and enjoy with all of our hearts this amazing achievement: 100 years of Romania. How exactly can we make this happen?

A good idea would be to take a short trip around the country and discover some of the most important locations for the Great Union. Cluj-Napoca, Alba-Iulia, Timisoara, Iasi, Bucharest are just a couple of good destinations that you could include in your list. We invite you to take a trip with AutoBoca back in history in order to rediscover the joy of the Great Union of 1918. Are you ready for something special?

Unforgettable trips in the history of the Great Union: how will we celebrate a century of Romania?

Without a doubt, the Great Union in 1st of December 1918 will remain one of the most incredible moments in the history of Romania. This is an event that influenced the economic, politic and socio-cultural aspects of present Romania. If this union wouldn’t have taken place, now we would have been living in a completely different reality, one that would lack the opportunities that we can access in this day of age. The road to modernity started there! 

How exactly did the Great Union take place and which are the main players that contributed to making an idea become reality? The concept of a unified Romania took life when Bukovina, Bessarabia, and Transylvania become one with the motherland. It was a lengthy process that started with small steps (even with a short article in a newspaper). The final moment that made official the existence of Romania, took place in Alba-Iulia, where it was declared in front of 100 000 Romanians, that our country shall be one, ruled under the same flag.  It was an amazing moment for all of us, which we should remember! 

Photo credit: Ionuț Dușmanu

At the same time, thousands of people were gathered in the main plaza of other cities (Cluj, Iasi, Bucharest), all waiting for the wonderful news that they were dreaming about from generation to generation. Thus, during this time of the year, traveling to Cluj, Timisoara, and Alba-Iulia could be a gesture of showing respect to our ancestors, that sacrificed their lives so that we could be free today.

As a foreigner, it can be a unique experience to witness how the entire country will celebrate together one main event. Also, in all the main cities of Romania, there will be certain activities planned (military fanfare, artistic and cultural expositions, food and music fairs and others).

calatorii prin tara 2018

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