What’s the best choice for your family vacation 2017: a minibus for 5 people or an SUV?

Make the most of your family time by taking road trips to Romania: discover the beauties of this country behind the wheel of a great car!

When you have a couple of days free of work ahead, you begin to think of the proper actions to take in order to enjoy them. Sometimes they manage to come up with amazing trips, which brings about unforgettable memories. Time spent with your family is invaluable and it can be healing and rejuvenating. It is nice to share bonding moments from time to time with the ones you love.

Nothing can be more relaxing than being in a pleasant mountain resort with your loved ones and just enjoy the beautiful surroundings and talking about little nothings. Precisely moments like these, make every struggle in your life be worth it. When you’re around the people you care about, you come to realize that all the stress, worries and hard work have a purpose and everything else fades in comparison to seeing your family happy and your children joyful.

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For this reason, it’s important to do some proper research when planning for a family holiday, in order to make sure everyone will be having a good time. Luckily, Romania has many entertainment options both for adults and children, so all the members of the family will be pleased. You can choose to visit various mountain areas that are filled with interesting touristic objectives, impressive landscapes and plenty of reasons to immortalize these moments in pictures.

Mountain resorts like Poiana Brasov, Sinaia, Predeal are one of the most favorite vacation destinations by tourists from all over the world. It is a great environment for families that just want to come here and relax. Today you have the possibility of choosing without restrictions amazing places to visit. Relaxation is within your grasp, especially if you do a comprehensive research.

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However, if you simply love the sea side, then you can take a trip to The Black Sea. Depending from your starting point, there will be many interesting destinations on the road to the sea. For instance, you can stop by at a horse stud where you can even venture on a circuit of horse riding and the little ones can play with the ponies. There are also some medieval fortresses back from the roman civilizations which are located in the small cities near the Black Sea.

You can take a one day trip to such locations to learn more about the vast history of Romania. Another day trip can be taken to Aqua Magic, one of the biggest waterparks in Romania, a quite lovely place. It’s a constant source of fun for people of all ages and you won’t even feel time passing in this location!

Vacanta Marea Neagra

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Regardless of your choice, there will be plenty of interesting activities that will be pleasing for all family members. However, in order to have a pleasant vacation, you need to make sure that certain elements are properly organized, like the places you’ll be staying and quite important which car you’ll be renting for your travels.

You will need a high quality means of transport that can accommodate all the passengers and provide an extra level of safety (especially if you have a little one with you). With that being said, AutoBoca has two great suggestions that will definitely make your time on the road much more pleasant: Opel Zafira or Suzuki Vitara. Find out why you should choose these vehicles for your trips!

Find the perfect family vacation car: the advantages of Opel Zafira and Suzuki Vitara

When you’re preparing to go on the road with the people that you love it’s vital that you find a means of transport that can provide a high level of safety. You want to make sure that everybody will travel comfortably and that you won’t have any problems with getting to the desired destinations. Considering these aspects, you may want to rent a minibus like Opel Zafira or an SUV like Suzuki Vitara. Why these cars and not others? We invite you to discover more things about them!

First of all, minibuses and SUVs have a sturdy constitution which means that you will feel very protected on the road and you’ll be able to face any difficulties that may come your way. Second of all, these type of vehicles have plenty of space to accommodate a larger number of passengers and everybody will travel comfortably. Third of all, if you decide to rent a minibus like Opel Zafira or an SUV like Suzuki Vitara, you will have a lot of space in the trunk, which is perfect for depositing all the necessary luggage.

Opel Zafira can be a great choice if you are a group of 5-7 people and you are in dire need of a practical means of transport to explore the natural beauties of Romania. People that rented an Opel Zafira from AutoBoca were extremely pleased with the features that this car has and with the ride comfort. This model was especially designed to go on a country tour with your friends and family.

Suzuki Vitara is also an excellent choice for a big family. This model has many high quality features which will ensure a smooth driving experience and a very pleasant ride. Of course the trunk is also generous so you won’t have to worry about leaving behind anything that you may find necessary for your trip (perhaps your child’s favorite toy and so on). Remember that you can also opt for an extra service from us like child seat, for additional protection.

Where can you rent Opel Zafira or Suzuki Vitara? Take advantage of AutoBoca’s summer offers for renting cars!

Now that you have a better understanding why these two cars may be the best choice for your family vacation, the next step is finding the best offers to rent them. And AutoBoca has some surprises for you: this summer, you can get these amazing cars at incredible prices! Why would you miss this opportunity to go on your family vacation and saving some money in the same time?

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Not only that, but at AutoBoca you will find a set of extra services which are especially designed to make your trip smoother and stress free. For instance you can ask for a baby seat, which can be very handy if you will be traveling with small children. Why would you say no to this special deal? The only thing left for you to do is contact one of our agents and they will take care of everything that has to do with the renting process. It won’t take long before you can get on the road behind the wheel of a great car. Reserve without problems a car from us! In just a couple of minutes you will have access to your car!

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