Why do foreign clients recommend our services?

A lot of people are heading to Romania this autumn and they need a good car to rent…

As more and more people plan to explore the wondrous regions of Romania this autumn, it is not surprising to see them search for good ways to travel. Besides the airplane tickets and the accommodations in question, they have to make sure that they use a good car in order to reach all their destinations without problems. It is absolutely normal for foreign tourists to look for rent cars as a flexible and comfortable way to travel. There are also those that still use traditional public means of transport.

Yet, in one way or another, they feel restricted to rigid points of departure and arrival. When we think of the travel possibilities that a person with a rented car has, it safe to assume that he or she will be able to see more points of interest than a person limited to point A or B, due to the strict travel itineraries of public means of transport.

If you plan to visit Romania this autumn and you need a good car to rent, you can opt for AutoBoca services. Why should you consider renting a car from us? Well, we can start with the fact that 96% of clients recommend our services. Clients that complete our quality questionnaire offer us useful glimpses into the overall AutoBoca renting process.

It is very important to keep track of our clients wishes and if we can do something to improve the quality of the experience, we shall do it with joy. We make it our top priority to offer clients access to professional services. Every single day represents an opportunity to deliver swift access to good cars.

Welcoming cars that never seem to disappoint


In 2018 we made an extra effort to deliver perfection during all services. As a result, we tried to develop a fleet with diverse cars, appropriate for a wide variety of transport necessities. This is why you will find in our fleet cars from top rated auto producers, recognized for their models. Our specialists analysed with attention the possibility of adding a specific car in the fleet.

We wanted to make sure that the respective cars will not disappoint. At the end of the day, we offer clients access to the best vehicles possible, designed to help clients discover easier Romania’s touristic gifts. This is a country that always impresses with its top touristic hotspots.

Photo credit: Tinel Andronic

AutoBoca is a firm that offers access to good quality cars, easy to rent and without any headaches whatsoever. Our agents are always there to offer trained assistance to all clients. Our core values – hospitality, fairness, common sense, readiness and social responsibility guide every action that we undergo. Welcoming cars represent your chance to explore Romania in a pleasant manner.

Discuss with us if you have questions. You can contact us via chat (present on our website), mail to reservations@autoboca.ro, telephone number 0733.50.84.84, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. We shall answer swiftly and with discretion and respect.

Photo credit: Tinel Andronic

Feel at home in Romania


When you begin to gather information about some of the best rent a car firms in Romania, you will comes across AutoBoca, a Romanian company that can surprise you with its welcoming cars. This autumn you can find our representatives in the most active Romanian airports: Otopeni, Iasi, Suceava, Cluj Napoca, Targu Mures and Timisoara.

You also have the possibility of renting a welcoming vehicle online through our dedicated form. In only three simple steps you can reserve without any problems that car you want to drive on the playful streets of Romania.

What type of cars can you find in our fleet? Currently you can find many models, carefully divided into strict categories for easy access. Among them we can mention VW Polo (manual and with automatic transmission), VW Golf 7, VW Jetta, VW Touran, Renault Traffic, Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer, Chevrolet Orlando, Opel Astra Tourer, Opel Astra (with automatic transmission), Suzuki Vitara, Dacia Logan, Hyundai l20, Opel Corsa and many others. These are only a couple of the cars that you could rent from us. We did our best to offer clients access to different types of vehicles, appropriate for the particularities of various trips.

What do past clients say about services? You can visit our testimonials page, where clients have described their experiences with our cars. Due to our social responsibility value, for each feedback received from clients, we donate 1 euro to ADEE NGO (helps children with autism).

This is why we always thank those that used their time to complete a short quality questionnaire. If you want this autumn to rent a car from us, contact us with confidence. We are more than happy to offer assistance. You can also use the online form if that suits better your communication desires.

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