Why do so many European tourists rent cars from Autoboca?

European tourists and Romanian welcoming cars from Autoboca: a thriving success story

Romania is one of the top vacation destinations for many European tourists. This is an undeniable fact, emphasized by many travel agencies. People from countries like Austria, Germany, Spain, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and many others, choose to spend their holidays exploring the wonders hidden of the Romanian lands.

In all fairness, Romania is indeed a very beautiful and versatile location. This is where you will find different forms of relief (mountains and sea side), unique constructions, stunning churches and sublime artistic expressions. On this list, we can also add captivating customs and traditions, maintained by locals in different regions.

Photo credit: Ștefania Lău

In some regions of the country, you will be able to experience the authentic Romanian lifestyle, enjoy picturesque surroundings and breathtaking views. You’ll notice that most people living in small villages are quite crafty and they’re particularly good in manufacturing handmade jewelry, artifacts, paintings, soft textiles and so much more. These are one of a kind beauties that can find their way in your home. Everyone that loves unique things will appreciate the local’s craftsmanship. If you will find something special, you will be able to buy it as a souvenir and take it homes with joy. Needless to say, there are plenty of reasons to visit Romania. With the right information, you can establish an interesting itinerary and make the most of your vacation.

Photo credit: Ștefania Lău

However, another important aspect is the means of transport that you will use for your travels here. People from Europe are used to renting cars, as this is a very common solution in the countries they come from. Foreign tourists are used to high-quality rent a car services and they expect to find the same quality in Romania. It is a normal and healthy attitude towards renting services. And this is where AutoBoca comes in with amazing solutions. We are a genuine Romanian car renting company and our values are 100% customer oriented. Our goal is to make sure that we can provide the right means of transport which can fit our clients’ needs.

For this reason, our specialists are very thorough when it comes to the cars that become part of our fleet. We promise to deliver the best services possible and we intend to keep this promise. Transparency is another key value that we guide ourselves after: you will know exactly what you will get and what are the contractual terms for each party. You can rely on us to offer good vehicles which can get you safe and sound to your desired destination. Discuss the contract with our agents. They will be more than willing to offer assistance.

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And since we want you to leave our office smiling, recently we’ve added over 100 brand new cars to our fleet. You will have the opportunity to drive a vehicle which is kept in excellent conditions and with very few miles on board. Why should anyone choose AutoBoca? What kind of cars can you rent from us? What will be your advantages? These are all valid questions and in the following lines, we’ll explain why AutoBoca may be the right decision for YOU!

Enjoy your trip to Romania behind the wheel of a high-quality car from AutoBoca

We are a professional rent a car agency and not just because we like to advertise ourselves in this manner, but because this is how our customers describe us. People that went on the road with cars from our fleet were very pleased with their overall performance. On our official website, in the testimonial section, you will be able to read the feedback left by our clients (many of them from other European countries too).

According to our quality questionnaire results, 96% of our customers would recommend us to their friends and family members. These numbers only make us more determined to continue surprising people with new and exciting vehicles. We have a large and diverse fleet with cars of different shapes and sizes. This is why we are pretty confident that you will find in our fleet a car for your needs!

Depending on your preferences and the number of passengers, you will be able to rent mini cars such as VW Polo, Hyundai I20, VW Polo Automat, compact cars such as Hyundai Elantra, Skoda Rapid, Citroen C-Elysse (and the list can go on), SUVs such as Dacia Duster, Suzuki Vitara or minibuses such as Renault Trafic Combi, VW Touran, Chevrolet Orlando, Mercedes Benz Vito and so much more. Basically, there is a car perfect for each travel.

One big advantage of renting a vehicle from us is that these cars come from top auto manufacturers. This means that you can expect a high level of quality and comfort. Also, another reason to choose AutoBoca is due to our special summer offers. For the entire month of August, you can expect to rent our cars at very good price. Why would you say no to this opportunity?

The renting process is also very easy to handle: in just 3 easy steps you will be able to get the vehicle you need. Of course, if you will need more information, you can always contact one of our agents. They are always ready to assist you and make sure that you will make the right choice for your travels.

We have offices all over Romania (including the main cities and airports) which means that we are easy to find. Not only that, but we can arrange for your car to be ready for you straight at the airport (or any other location). You will receive it clean and with a tank full of gas! All you have to do is pick it and start driving.

With AutoBoca there is no hassle or time wasted. We want to be efficient and help you have an enjoyable time in Romania. In this manner, you can use all your energy into discovering more of this beautiful country and create long lasting memories with the people you care about. So, don’t hesitate any longer: contact us today and rent one of our welcoming cars!

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