Why do so many people rent VW Touran in Jassy Romania?

Discover the wonderful Jassy city in Romania with a welcoming minibus

When somebody starts to look for a good minibus to rent in wonderful Jassy town, there are many things to consider. Travelling in medium groups, up to 7 persons, can be a real joy, especially if you have close by good friends. There are also trips with family members that could bring about beautiful emotions and unforgettable memories.

In order to make the most out of each trip you make in Romania, you have to use a good minibus. Every member of your group needs to feel good during every moment of the trip. In the same time, the driver should be behind the wheel of a reliable minibus, preferably a new model. This is where good information might come in handy, especially if you have a little bit of free time on your hands. It does pay to get informed before you opt for a specific offer. Fortunately, if you plan to visit Jassy, you can opt to rent a minibus from a Romanian company called Autoboca. Along the years we have helped thousands of people to explore the most important cities in Moldova. How? We offered them access to quality cars, selected with attention.

What are the best minibuses to rent in Jassy?

If you choose to rent a minibus from Autoboca, you will have access to a wide diversity of models. Among the minibusses that you can rent from us, you will find VW Touran. This is a wonderful minibus, preferred by those that want to enjoy good travel experiences. Why do so many people choose to rent VW Touran when they come to Jassy?

Well, there were many people that opted for this minibus and were more than pleased with their option. They used this beautiful minibus during their travels in Moldova and managed to gather pretty amazing memories. There are many things that you should know about the minibus VW Touran. You will discover a stunning means of transport, perfect for travels in the region.

Good things to know about VW Touran

Autoboca recently added the Touran model in its fleet. We carefully analyzed the impact that such an addition might have on our clients. They were more than happy with the new addition from our fleet. This minibus has been selected by families that decided to visit Jassy and the whole Moldova region for the first time. As the German producers also stated, this model is perfect for families. It provides enough room for each passenger while the driver can handle the road’s characteristics. Since we added the car in the fleet, many clients rented it with pleasure. Even you can rent VW Touran in Jassy Romania and then travel with pleasure from one destination to another. It can be a real joy to go exploring in Moldova. This is a region packed with countless historical, cultural and natural wonders, worth discovering right alongside family members.

Moldova is a Romanian region that keeps on attracting visitors from all corners of Europe and not only. It can be a real delight for a person to use VW Touran. People that have used it were more than satisfied with their choice.

Aesthetically pleasing and roomy, VW Touran can certainly impress you during long drives across Moldova. You can use the minibus in order to enjoy every trip you make. Where can you find Autoboca in Jassy? Well, we have two offices in Jassy, one in the airport and another one downtown. You will discover at Autoboca the true Romanian hospitality, which makes the renting process easier than ever. Our agents have years of experience in the renting business and they will help you rent the desired car without any problems whatsoever. In order to see how other clients view the Autoboca experience, simply visit our testimonials page. This is where you find different testimonials which reflect the experiences people had with our company on various occasions. It is recommended to take the time and read a couple of testimonials. You can learn a lot from past experiences.

It is very easy to rent VW Touran in Jassy from Autoboca. We make it our top priority to offer quality services to all that need them. Hopefully, you will choose this beautiful minibus in order explore Moldova! Are you ready to choose a welcoming minibus from us? If you are, then take a moment to contact us!

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