Why firms opt for operational leasing in Romania?

Operational leasing: a smart solution for your company, especially if you work with Autoboca

In 2018, the economic environment is in a continuous growth and expansion, especially in an emerging country like Romania. There are many sectors of activity which haven’t reached their true potential leaving room for better, new and improved products. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it’s going to be an easy process.

It takes time and effort to create the perfect conditions for people to create businesses and generate profit. Fortunately, Romanians are very attentive with their investments, whether we refer to work and actual business development.

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A large number of international companies have expanded on the Romanian market (especially in IT sector, cars, food chains and clothing). Cities like Iasi, Bucharest, Timisoara and Cluj Napoca are important access points for anyone interested in developing a new service or open a new headquarter or regional office. These cities seem to offer the perfect place for people to thrive and work with pleasure.

Indeed, there are many business opportunities, but we live in a very competitive environment. Most likely if you have an idea, there will be someone else who will think the same. The difference is being made by the strategy implemented and how well you invested. According to these choices, you will obtain different results (some you may like, some you may not).  It can be quite easy these days to find a job that offers room to grow.

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Therefore, it’s mandatory to keep your eyes open to establishing long-lasting partnerships and making intelligent acquisitions. There is no need to spend more money on a particular service that you can obtain in a different way but at a more advantageous price.

Operational leasing works after this principle: firms can have access to good and highly performant cars, without actually having to buy them. From the very start, it’s getting quite clear that this type of deal is far better than actually spending a huge chunk of your capital on acquiring vehicles. Smart decisions can often lead to profit and proper development paths. It would be nice to make them every single day and reap the benefits later on.

These are expensive good with a long-term return on investment. Not all firms can afford to wait so much before actually seeing progress. For start-ups or small business, freezing their financial assets into cars, can prevent them from expanding and even fulfilling their daily objectives. That is why one of the most sought-after solutions is operational leasing.

Why should you also opt for this particular service? In the following lines, you’ll get more insight on why operational leasing is a great business opportunity for firms interested in the Romanian market. Are you ready to discover a couple of interesting things about the best investment capabilities? If you are then the rows below might prove to be quite useful.

5 major advantages of choosing operational leasing in Romania

What are the reasons behind the use of operational leasing in Romania? What are the main advantages of this particular service? How could operational leasing help your company? These are all valid questions that require serious answers.

Only after a thorough market research, you will be able to find the perfect leasing deal. Our specialists are always ready to help you find a good offer, appropriate to your company’s profile and transport needs. However, here are some of the main benefits of choosing an operational leasing package:

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  1. ZERO initial cost. You can use the cars you need from day one, without having to spend any money. You will sign a contract with the rental firm and depend on their terms and conditions, you will have the chance to create your own fleet without having to give money on the forehand.
  2. Fixed down payments. Another big plus of operational leasing is that you have fixed monthly fees for using those particular cars. It will be easier to organize your budget, knowing how much you have to pay and when exactly.
  3. Assistance and maintenance included. If you will collaborate with a professional leasing company, they will make sure that regardless of the situation, the cars you are using will be kept in mint condition. There may be breakdowns, or small issues (which can be expected, especially on long-term leasing). However, with a serious partner by your side, you won’t have to worry about these impediments. Most likely, they will provide a brand new car in exchange.

  1. Taxes and insurances included. You won’t have to be concerned about paying insurances or any other maintenance costs associated with the cars. You can simply use them to fulfill your purpose and save your energy for another type of activities.
  2. Access to brand new cars and interesting models. Every firm has different travel needs. For this reason, it would be preferred to have the possibility to choose from many new models. Perhaps you’d like to test a particular service/product for a short period of time. In this case, you may need more small cars to use in big Romanian cities. With a professional leasing firm, this request should not be an issue.

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Most likely, the number of advantages can continue. It all depends on whom will be your operational leasing collaborator. And from here, another important question arises: how to find a serious firm, one with the capacity to deliver professional services, capable of enhancing the transport potency of the receiving firm? Well, this is a good way to start your search and implicitly set the basis for a lucrative collaboration.

AutoBoca as a safe option for foreign firms with offices in Romania that need small or big fleets for various periods of times. Autoboca is a Romanian rent a car firm with a special department devoted entirely to operational leasing. Here, you will get in contact with specialists that provide great services and personalized offers to each of our clients. We know that every firm has different transportation needs and we are ready to create a deal to fulfill them.

With that in mind, we developed the 3SLease program which targets firms in need of high-quality cars for certain amounts of time (from 1 month to 12 months). You will have access to brand new vehicles from top manufacturers. We have recently renewed our auto park with interesting models from different classes (VW Polo Automat, Suzuki Vitara, VW Touran, Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer and many others).

We can help you create your very own fleet today with the cars that you want and need. Contact us now and one of our specialists will provide all the information and assistance required. With 3SLease you have the opportunity to use brand new cars and also save money at the same time. Discuss with our specialists and see whether or not we could offer assistance!

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