Why should I go rent an SUV in Mures?

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Transylvania is one of the most popular regions of Romania, attracting visitors from different corners of Europe and not only. There are dozens of mysterious legends and impressive constructions which have drawn the attention of curious tourists.The mysterious air that hovers over Transylvania seems to attract more and more people.

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The most popular of them all is the legend of Count Dracula, that fascinating character is so many movies and novels. Knowing that there are some real connections with reality, people from all over the world visit Bran Castle in the hope that they will unveil some of the secrets of this enchanting construction. It is not particularly surprising to see so many tourists in Romania’s central region.

But, Transylvania is far more than just the tale of Dracula. This land, carefully guarded by the Carpathians, has so much more to offer to its visitors. The views alone should be enough good reason to want to begin exploring the natural wonders here. Any quiet and charming mountain village here looks like it was taken from a fairy tale. There is really something magical here.

Unde este pasul Rucar Bran

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Spending a couple of days in some of the major Transylvanian cities or their surroundings can be a perfect way to spend your holidays. You will get to experience amazing emotions while exploring the vastness of this region. Just make sure you have around a good digital camera, one that can help you take amazing photos. You will feel the need to record your progress, either in photos or videos.

The magic of Transylvanian cities enfold before your eyes

Targu-Mures is one of the most appreciated places in this part of Romania. Tourists, usually make itineraries that include places between Cluj and Targu-Mures, as in this area, you will have access to some of the most important attractions (from a historical and natural standpoint).

Usually, in these parts, you will be able to visit medieval constructions, fortresses, castles, and palaces (Palace of Culture in Targu-Mures, Rakoczi Stairs, the Rose Plaza and many others). You will like the historical beauty of these locations.

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In other words, locations filled with history and architectural masterpieces. Not only that, but you will have the possibility to go on various mountain trails. The views are spectacular and are definitely worthy of your time! Many people are interested in finding such secluded and quiet places.

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After months of hard work in an agitated environment, a little bit of relaxation is always welcomed. With proper information, it wont be difficult to create a fun itinerary. Use the internet to its full extent. This is a good way to make sure that you have access to the right travel parameters. Why not make the most out of your travel plans? It is quite easy to do so. When you get a little bit of free time on your time, use it wisely.

However, in order to move freely to all of your desired destinations, you will need a solid and trustworthy means of transport. Targu-Mures and its surroundings are indeed beautiful, but these areas are predominantly mountainous, which means that you need a particular vehicle to travel with ease. Its recommended to opt for a model that is powerful, robust and built to face even the greatest difficulties on the road. An SUV could be an excellent choice. Usually, these cars are spacious, robust and can promise high levels of safety and comfort.

And this is where you can contact AutoBoca. Who are we? AutoBoca is a professional rental firm always ready to help our clients travel with ease anywhere in Romania. We understand the need to have a positive auto experience, especially when visiting a new location. Safety is extremely important and that is why we only select car models which can fulfill the highest quality standards. We have the means to ensure comfortable travel experiences. How? By offering access to good quality vehicles, carefully selected to be a part of our fleet!

With that in mind, for your trip to Mures county, we recommend that you rent an SUV, more precisely, the new Suzuki Vitara. Why should anyone opt for our Suv car renting services in Targu Mures?  Why should a client consider opting for Suzuki Vitara? These are all excellent questions and they deserve a proper answer. In the following lines, we will provide more details!

Suzuki Vitara: an excellent SUV to rent in Targu-Mures

A big part of the entire touristic experience is played by the car used in your travels. If you are feeling comfortable and safe while driving, then you will discover new locations with pleasure and without stress. When choosing a vehicle, its important that the model can adapt to the particular route you had in mind and also to the transportation needs of the rest of the passengers.

That is why for your trip to Targu-Mures, we recommend that you rent Suzuki Vitara. This beautiful SUV comes with a generous compartmentalization (plenty of space inside and in the trunk). Not only that, but despite its size, Vitara is still easy to manage and will react quickly when needed. This SUV can be the perfect choice for a vacation with friends and family.

AutoBoca can help you enjoy your holiday. You can rent Suzuki Vitara from us, at an excellent price. One of our clients that chose this model for their travels left us the following feedback: Excellent service and staff and value for money, very happy, highly recommended!And there are many more people satisfied with our services. According to the latest statistics, 96% of our clients would recommend us further.

This means, that you can trust AutoBoca to help you find the right car for your travel. One of our agents will guide you through the entire rental process and within minutes, you could be driving the beautiful Suzuki Vitara. Contact us now and take advantage of our offers in August! Why not start exploring Romania with a reliable SUV?

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