Why should you consider visiting Bukovina this autumn?

Don’t miss a chance to discover the beauty of Bukovina this October: explore amazing locations, soothing for your mind and soul in complete liberty!

Autumn is considered by many the best season of the year. How come? Some consider it the most romantic season of the four, offering people the chance to reconnect and start enjoying life in a loving manner. The temperatures are still mild (not too hot, not too cold), nature is inviting for exploration and the entire atmosphere seems to be more calm and tranquil.

Of course, it all comes down to your preferences and everything in this matter is subjective, thus we can’t generalize. Nonetheless, we can’t deny the spectacle of color that is surrounding us with every step we take. The falling leaves are quite spectacular. The carpet of colorful leaves can impress simple people and experienced artists.

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All of the trees are carefully are painted with yellow, red and gold shades and the ground is covered by an astonishing leaves carpet. Everything around us seems welcoming, warm and friendly. Sitting on a bench in a park can be quite an experience if you take the time to admire the majesty of Mother Nature. An even better solution would be to go on a short vacation this autumn.

Simply take your friends and family and begin exploring the wonders of Romania. This amazing country is ready to greet people from all over the world. Why not take this opportunity to rediscover the pleasure of creating amazing memories?

Photo credit: Mihaela Abalaesei

We have been blessed with a truly beautiful country rich in culture, history and amazing locations. No wonder tourists from all over the world are positively impressed with what they find here. Many of them are planning future holidays on Romanian ground. With a little bit of planning and some research, it will be very easy to create a wonderful itinerary. It is quite easy to do so! You should take this time to plan the road ahead. You won’t miss out on anything important if you know where to go.

In October, the mountain areas are truly exquisite. The Carpathians have something unique about them, especially locations that remained wild without human interference. Civilization and modern facilities are indeed very handy for our day to day activities, but in certain areas, its best that we leave nature do its work without our meddling.  It is also great for the environment if we protect areas with dense forests with diverse flora and fauna. We should respect nature every single day! 

Photo credit: Vasile Prisacariu

Besides, a vacation in a secluded mountain resort where there is a high chance of running into a deer sounds pretty amazing! What could be better if not spending a couple of days far away from agitation, stress and crowded places? Every now and then we need to take our mind off of things that are draining us of energy.

We need to obtain that equilibrium and balance which allows us to continue working for our goals. And most of the times, taking a short break is the perfect remedy. Going on a short vacation in Romania can be a triple win: spending some quality time with friends and family, visiting some new and fascinating locations and getting the chance to relax and unwind. Why would you say no to that?

One of the difficult decisions to make when going on holiday is choosing a destination. We all want to find an amazing location where we can maximize our days off. Luckily, Romania has many such places and Bukovina is one of them. This is a magical land filled with outstanding landscapes, centuries of history, charming customs, traditions, and very warm and welcoming people. Basically, in Bukovina, you will find all the necessary ingredients for a stupendous vacation.

Photo credit: Tinel Andronic

The majority of people choose to visit Bukovina whenever they are in dire need of calm, quiet and tranquility. Here, you will find food for your soul and mind but also incredible culinary traits that you will leave you wanting for more. Needless to say, Bukovina can be an excellent choice for your travel endeavors. However, what are the main objectives to visit in Bukovina this autumn?

If you have a couple of days off (or just a weekend), you will want to use them wisely. In the following lines, we’ll provide some recommendations. Discover right now some amazing places in Bukovina!

5 beautiful destinations to visit in Bukovina this autumn

For our holidays, we are seeking places with a relaxing atmosphere, close to nature, with the vibrant glow of traditions in the air. Bukovina has exactly that and even more. Many people consider this land to be the heart of Moldova, as here you will find preserved dozens of medieval constructions (fortresses, churches, monasteries and so on). On top of that list, you can add many charming customs, preserved thoroughly for hundreds of years. 

Photo credit: Tinel Andronic

During festivities, Bukovina is a real sight for sore eyes. Everybody is dressed in the national port, preparing for celebration: singing, dancing, going to church and cooking amazing goodies. Tourists love the local cuisine and some of the dishes here cannot be replicated not even in the fanciest restaurants. There must be a secret ingredient that is used particularly in Bukovina! 

In October, the farmers are thoroughly getting ready to collect the rich crops of the land. Grapes, apples, plums and another plethora of fruits and vegetables are carefully picked and prepared for cooking or storage. Wine, jams and other preserved goodies are the main occupations of the people in rural areas. And the wine in Bukovina certainly tastes delicious! It would be a real shame not to indulge yourself with at least a glass of red or white wine.

Nonetheless, besides the incredibly delicious food and beverages, in Bukovina, there are many touristic attractions with considerable historical and cultural value. Thus, they are worthy of your attention. Here are at least 5 places that you should visit in Bukovina this autumn: 

Photo credit: Ionuț Dușmanu

Voronet Monastery, or the “Sistine Chapel of the East”. It was given this nickname, due to the beautiful frescos painted on the walls. They depict various scenes from the Bible with the main focus on Judgement Day. Blue is the dominant color and experts can’t replicate this shade not even in modern times. Such elements only add value to this beautiful construction.

Another monastery that is worthy of your attention is Humor. This is another of Bukovina’s painted religious constructions and despite its age (built in the 15th century) it continues to impress visitors. The dominant color here is red and the walls are also painted carefully, following religious symbolism. 

Robert Raducanu

Suceava Fortress. This is a beautiful touristic objective that should be included on your list. It couldn’t hurt to visit the city of Suceava as well since this is one of the main access points in Bukovina. This medieval fortress still manages to hold her ground and it is impressive from an architectural point of view. Massive blocks of stone were put together to create the defensive walls of the fortresses. They can be admired even in the present day!

Photo credit: Dusmanu Ionut

Besides beautiful historical buildings, there are some pretty beautiful mountain resorts in Bukovina where you could spend a couple of days. Durau and Vatra-Dornei are excellent examples. These are two small mountain villages but deeply endeared by tourists. Life here will seem pretty simple and straightforward, but that is where the real beauty lies. 

The locals look content, fulfilled and at peace. It’s quite delightful to sip a cup of coffee at a small cafe, where the owner is friendly and very welcoming. At times, you’ll have the impression that you’re visiting your grandparents, as they will continue to serve you food and delicious drinks. 

In other words, Bukovina is a wonderful destination to spend your vacation. If you are seeking to escape the constantly agitated rhythm of the city, then finding a quiet and charming resort in the mountains is the best option. Nonetheless, getting there can turn out to be a little challenging (especially if you don’t have a good car by your side).

Photo credit: Ștefania Lău

Thus, it couldn’t hurt to seek out some advantageous means of transport options. Many people prefer to rent a car when traveling, as this is an efficient solution to an important issue. The mountains are without a doubt, really spectacular, but not very easy to get through. With the help of professionals, it won’t be difficult to identify an excellent model fit for your vacation.

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