Why should you rent the new Renault Trafic in Bucharest?

Probably the best minibus to rent in Bucharest: The new Renault Trafic

Traveling alongside your friends and family can be a fun and exciting experience, for all parties involved. You get the chance to enjoy the company of people that are very important in your life and also discover new places together. Now, that sounds like an amazing time, no? Well, it really is!

Nowadays, time is one of the most sought-after resources and it’s not often that you can take some days off and just go on a vacation surrounded by the ones you care about. And since finally, all of you synchronized your vacation plans, you might as well make sure that everything brings about amazing emotions. Not only that you’ll have fun, laugh, share stories but also you’ll be able to gather precious memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.

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If you’ve chosen Romania as your holiday destination, then you can expect to discover some pretty exciting places filled with culture, history and impressive natural environments. You can choose a fun route that will allow you to catch a glimpse of what this beautiful country really is about. Many foreign and Romanian tourists start their exploration from Bucharest (as most of them get here by plane).

Spending one or two days in Bucharest can be a good idea as well, as there are plenty of interesting touristic objectives to visit. Why do so many people choose to spend a couple of days in Romania’s capital city? We invite you to discover interesting things about Bucharest and its many touristic secrets.

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The main attraction here is the Palace of Parliament, the second largest building in the world. It is indeed a sight to see and not only that you’ll be bewildered by its size, but also by the architecture and the numerous luxurious collections on display. On your list, you can also add the Arch of Triumph, the Roman Athenaeum, the CEC Palace and so on. There are also many other touristic objectives which can impress you. We are pretty sure that you won’t be disappointed if you choose to visit Bucharest.

Castelul Corvinilor Hunedoara

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From Bucharest, you can choose to go further north, west or south. In each region, you will discover something unique and you’ll be able to embrace the vast Romanian culture. Many people that travel in larger groups choose to do a mini-tour of the country and they will end up visiting some charming places within the Carpathian Mountain. On your itinerary, you can include medieval cities (like Sighisoara, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara), medieval castles with a deep historical background (Peles Castle, Corvin Castle, Bran Castle and so on) or some special churches and monasteries from the North (Voronet Monastery, Barsana Monastery, Moldovita Monastery and the list can reach even the number one hundred). Basically, in Romania, you can find places and activities fit for the taste of every traveler. It is a real joy to travel through different Romanian regions and gather beautiful memories.

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However, if you plan on going on vacation with a large group of people (5-9), then you must also consider one very important aspect: the means of transport used. It would be preferred to find a car that can accommodate all of you and that would be fit for the Romanian roads. An optimum solution is to rent a minibus. Why? Because you will have at your disposal a spacious and reliable vehicle. Not only that, but one major advantage of

Not only that, but one major advantage of minibuses is that it will allow all of you to travel together (which is desirable, especially if you intend to be on the road for many hundreds of km). It is important to use a spacious and comfortable minibus, perfect for any trip, long or short. When you start to ponder the possibility of renting a minibus, you will come to new answers with each search. It can be quite tiresome.

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The next questions are: How to pick a reliable minibus for 9 persons in Romania’s dynamic and lively capital city Bucharest? What are the best things to take into account while looking for a minibus to rent in Bucharest? A group of 7 to 9 persons needs a reliable car, with enough space and comfort levels for all to enjoy a good time. The first thing to do is to find a trustworthy rent a car company. They will be able to help you choose the right model. After that, choose an appropriate minibus, designed to match the existing transport needs without problems.

This process can be hard or easy, depending on your transport needs and the rent a car company you’ll be collaborating with. Fortunately, today you can work with Autoboca in Bucharest and discover an amazing minibus, perfect for your next travel endeavor. We recommend that you rent Renault Trafic, a superb model fit for a group of 7 – 9 people. What’s so special about this minibus? First of all, if you rent Renault Trafic from AutoBoca, you will receive a brand new vehicle to accompany you on your travels. Second of all, this model has many high-quality features that will help you have an amazing auto experience. Why should you rent Renault Trafic in Bucharest? In the following lines, we’ll explain in more detail why this model is the solution you were looking for!

Discover the new Renault Trafic from AutoBoca in Bucharest

If you decide to collaborate with Autoboca, you will get a professional renting service, perfect for your next trip. Why should you choose us and not another firm? The answer is quite simple: because we will offer you good cars, pro services, diversity and 100% transparency policy. Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. Read some of the testimonials and feedback that our clients left after using one of our welcoming cars. You will see for yourself that we like to keep our word and make sure that every person that leaves our office will have the right car for them.

Out of the new minibuses that were added in Autoboca fleet is Renault Trafic. According to the experiences of our customers, this seems to be an amazing model, worth using during drives throughout Romania. What makes this model perfect for your next trip in this country? You’ll have several advantages such as:

  • Comfort and space. Renault Trafic can accommodate up to 9 people allowing all of them to travel comfortably. Due to the generous spacing, you will also be able to take all the needed luggage for your trip.
  • Safety. Regardless of your destination, you can feel safe and sound with a Renault Trafic. It has a robust constitution which provides plenty of stability on the road.
  • Easy to drive. Despite its considerable size, Renault Trafic is quite simple o handle. This is a very big plus, especially if you plan on visiting places with a high road difficulty (like Transfagarsan).

So if you’re in dire need of a good minibus in Bucharest, come to AutoBoca! We have a great selection of minibus models that are fit for any type of travel. If you’ll rent Renault Trafic in Bucharest, you’ll have by your side a new vehicle that you’ll be able to rely on in any situation. Contact us today and discover some of our autumn offers! You won’t be disappointed by the quality of the new Renault Trafic present in our fleet.

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