Your feedback means 1 euro donated to ADEE Association

In November, your feedback is much more important than you think: donate 1 euro to a good cause!

In today’s society values and morals, there is a strong emphasis on interpersonal connections and increased attention towards social causes. Are you surprised? Probably not! More and more people are willing to exchange ideas, participate in various events and provide help whenever it may be necessary. There is a strong desire to participate and to offer assistance. It is a trait that seems to grow in power these days.

Not at all surprising, our society is dominated by a unique social spirit, focused on helping those that unfortunately have to deal with quite some difficult situations. Also, technology has a big role to play when it comes to supporting particular causes which were ignored in the past (due to little awareness). With the efficiency provided by the online platforms, a message can easily reach much larger crowds. It is important for such messages to reach people that can offer assistance. You’d be surprised by the number of persons that want to help but don’t know where to start!

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Communication happens almost instantaneously and you can engage in pretty much any topic you may like due to web 2.0 technologies (social websites, forums, different apps and specialized advertisement channels). Quick access to information means a better recalibration of a message through more and intense voices. One person is not enough to raise awareness for concerning matters (diseases, environment, education and so on), but together we can get involved and work for making the world a better place. It may sound idealistic, but this is the only way of making an impact in the society we live in. And it doesn’t have to be necessarily a financial effort, it can simply be sharing and discussing among peers and looking for viable solutions. Today we can be a difference!

In a continuously connected world, solitude is no longer a heavy burden to carry by yourself, just how selfishness is a trait that will become extinct. The only way that you can become better and be able to contribute to helping those around you. Sharing and exchanging knowledge and experiences is the only way that you can leave your mark. It’s an unwritten cycle, but that’s exactly what allowed us as species to survive and expand towards new social grounds.

Photo credit: Asociatia ADEE

For this reason, we need that everyone to get involved regardless of their possibilities and economic status. Of course, those that have more resources can set the basis for various organizations, courses or they can simply participate in implementing them. There is no need for supernatural efforts to make a change. Any small step in this direction can make a striking difference for those in need of help. In most cases, people in need of assistance are more than happy to receive it.

Without any doubt, the future of a nation depends on how we educate our children. They’re the ones who will continue our endeavors to develop a modern society with fewer problems and more chances of expansion. That is why it’s mandatory to offer full support toward our young ones in order for them to have more options to improve their talents and vocations. Every one of us has a role to play, regardless of the field of activity we work on. What really matters is to get involved and try in your own way to help others. Sometimes it is easier than you might think

Photo credit: Asociatia ADEE

This is the principle used by AutoBoca as well. Even if we are a rent a car company, this doesn’t mean that we limit ourselves to providing high-quality rental services. Of course, this is our main activity as this is our top specialization. However, we also try to get involved in improving the environment and helping children have a better future. There is a concerning number of children that are born with disabilities and different inflictions that could be treated if they were to have access to professional help. Why should we deny the little ones a chance to a good life?

Sometimes, help comes from the most unexpected sources. With that in mind, we decided to implement a strategy that will allow us and our customers to contribute in helping a child that was diagnosed with autism. How exactly can this happen? For every feedback given after renting one of our cars, AutoBoca will donate 1 euro towards ADEE association. Every time some will take a few minutes to fill in our quality questionnaire, 1 euro will go towards improving the possibilities of a child with autism. We want to offer better conditions and resources to the specialists from ADEE association.

In this manner, they can create educational and therapy centers so that the little ones suffering from autism can integrate successfully into society. So what exactly must you do in order to get involved? If you’re interested in making our world a better place, then continue reading!

1 feedback = 1 chance extra for children diagnosed with autism – it takes less than 1 minute to complete the questionnaire


AutoBoca wants to get involved in providing equal chances for those that come from unfortunate situations. Therefore, we have decided to sport ADEE association in improving their facilities and services in order to treat children with autism. What is this initiative about? ADEE specialists have created a friendly environment and very welcoming for children. They can benefit from full attention coming from professional psychologists and therapist. ADEE association use a particular diagnostic system and for primary evaluation by using a behavioral technique (APA: Applied Behavioral therapy).

Through these sessions, children can overcome the social barrier caused by this affliction. It’s definitely not easy and it is required a profound level of understanding and patience. However, just because it’s difficult, this doesn’t mean we should not try our very best to offer a valid chance to these children to prevail in life.

Even if ADEE is a recently launched association, they are eager and devoted to their cause. Here, not only that you will find specialized personnel working very hard in helping children with autism, but they also organize information courses in order to guide parents and other people interested in this topic, on what are the best practices in dealing with autism.

Photo credit: Asociatia ADEE

AutoBoca supports such initiatives and we want to get involved and you can too. It’s quite simple. What do you have to do? Simply fill in our quality questionnaire and leaves us a feedback after renting one of our cars. For every feedback we will receive, AutoBoca will donate 1 euro. In this manner, every client can contribute towards a noble cause. Regardless of the fact that you live in Romania, or you came here to visit, helping a child in need is always a step towards a better world. And now this is easier than you may think.

Take one minute of your time to fill in our quality questionnaire and donate to children suffering from autism. Not only that, but you’ll also have at your disposal a very generous fleet with brand new cars and various models. With AutoBoca you’ll be able to rent a good vehicle for your trip and also donate to a good cause. Contact us today and discover our special rent a car offers for November!

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