Van Rentals from Iaşi Airport, Romania

Discover where you can rent a good van in Iasi international airport: Autoboca has a special offer just for you!

Thousands of people reach Iasi airport every day, which later on continue their trip through the former capital of Moldavia with a car. Some have access to personal cars while others choose to rent them. Autoboca offers people the possibility of renting a quality van, proper for safe transport activities of various products. From us you can select with ease a reliable car, which can delight you during any trip you undertake. In Iasi international airport, Autoboca offers you the possibility of using a professional van renting service. This particular service can be used with confidence in order to start your activities in the city without any stress whatsoever. You can transport with confidence anything you want with a spacious and easy to drive car. Take advantage of this occasion in order to fulfill your objectives in a decent time period.

If you want to rent a van, it is recommended to gather more information on the best options available. Autoboca agents can help you understand more on the particularities of each car available for rent. In this manner you will discover easier a good car, which can be used with confidence on the busy streets of Iasi. Do you want to rent a car in Iasi airport from Autoboca? In the following rows you will find detailed information on all the cars available for rent!


Ford Transit Custom or similar

Class C

 2 big / 3 small
  2198 CC

Free benefits:

Booking changes

Theft insurance

Additional driver

Extra Services

Excess Protection

SCDW was created to cover unpleasant events.View details
Attention! Insurance excess is not protected! Over 80% of Autoboca customers opt for SCDW.
23.00 €/day

Child seat

A requisite for the safety of your child, with a standard mounting system (ISOFIX).
3.00 €/day

Navigation system

Choose a satellite navigation system and your travel will be more comfortable and without inconveniences.
5.00 €/day

Snow chains

To avoid getting stuck on snowy roads.
5.00 €/day

Internet to go

You get unlimited website traffic for maximum mobility and worldwide communication.
6.00 €/day

New - Exclusive AutoBoca - Mobile Phone

Rent a cell phone and you can talk unlimited with family and friends anytime you want (minutes and national SMS).
3.00 €/day

Price from

59€ / day

Free benefits:

Booking changes

Theft insurance

Additional driver