Rental Terms and Conditions – ANNEX II TO THE RENTING CONTRACT

This document has been compiled to guide you through the reservation steps, and you will find here all the details and fees for the services supplied in order to be sure that there will not occur any hidden costs during your experience with us.

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1. Driver’s age and driving license validity:

In order to establish the risk level at the rental moment for the clients between 18 and 21 years old, the client will deposit a double guarantee in regards to the normal one perceived for the type of car he or she is renting. The deposited guarantee will also be double for drivers that have a driver license under 1 year. 

For the age limit +21, the conditions are the usual ones: rental price/day, guarantee shown in section “Car details” and possibility to choose SCDW. 

A t ax of 10 EUR/rent is applicable for a second additional driver

Persons that rent, and also the additional drivers, must have a valid national and/or international driver license. 

It is not acceptable a copy of the driver’s license, proof of circulation or expired driver license.

   2.  Selection of the pick-up location /additional fees:

Each agency has its own car fleet. For requests of pick-up/drop off of a car in the airport will be perceived a transfer tax of 20 euros (10 euros pick off and 10 euros drop-off). 

Extra Hours, or the fee for dropping off the car during the non-working hours, between 18:00 - 22:00 and 07:00 - 09:00 is calculated with 10 euros for car pick-off and 10 euros for car drop-off. Furthermore for car pick-off and drop-off in between 22:00 - 07:00 will be perceived a fee of 20 euros.

For pick-up/drop-off on Saturday and Sunday, it is calculated a weekend fee of 10 EUR.

  3. Drop-off location/ additional fees:

The car is dropped off at the location, date and hour established together with the rent-a-car agent and mentioned in the rental agreement. 

The delivery service is available upon request depending on the availability of the rent-a-car agent. The delivery requests should be sent at least 24 hours in advance. 

The fee for drop-off at a different agency represents the equivalent of the amount calculated automatically/manually between the number of kilometers between the respective locations (pick- up/drop-off) multiplied by 0.20 EUR/km; it is calculated for an average consumption rate of 7.5 l/100km and 75 km/h; this fee is calculated as to cover the costs for bringing back the car to the residence car park

In case the car is dropped-off with a delay of maximum 2 hours, there is not calculated any additional fee; for more than a 2 hours delay, it is calculated a fee equivalent to 100% of the daily rental value.

For on-line payments, the system calculates automatically these delays depending on the selected hours (ex. Pick-up at 8.00, drop-off at 10.30 => delay cost of 100% from the daily rental value.

If the car is dropped off dirty/unwashed exterior-interior, it will be charged from the client warranty, even if the client opted for SCDW, the sum of 50 RON.And if, in the conditions due to car’s dirty state, we can’t identify destructions (hits, scratches, tapestry stains etc.), the warranty will be withheld until they are identified correctly.


 4.  Documents necessary to pick-up the car:

- valid identity document or passport;

- valid driving license.

5. Fuel

When picked up, the car has a full tank and it will also be returned with a full tank; otherwise, the rent-a- car agent will estimate the missing fuel and it will calculate to cover the costs of the used fuel. There will be no additional taxes concerning the fueling service, only the fuel value needed to fuel the car, the client has the assumed obligation to make sure that the car has a fuel gas of tank at the drop-off.


       6. Legal fees applicable to bridges

According to article 1.4 of the renting contract, the car is equipped with GPS monitoring system, which transmits to SC Boca Autotrade SRL information regarding the route followed during the renting period.

In case you used the bridges over Danube between Fetesti and Cernavoda, you are obliged to pay in CASH to CNADNR the bridge tax (road tolling valid), representing the tax of bridge use and, when you return the vehicle, to present us with the evidence of payment, on the basis of receipt.

In case you won’t present the evidence of payment (receipt), being in the situation where you can’t prove that you payed the legal fee for using the bridge, imposed by CNADNR, you assume the payment to SC Boca Autotrade SRL of the amount 130 RON, representing the contravention ticket; which will be used by SC Boca Autotrade SRL to pay the legal fee to CNADNR.

In case of lack of payment, the Client express his acceptance for the withhold of the respective amount from the warranty submitted in accordance with the renting contract.


7. Online reservations:

You can make an online reservation:

- by paying 15% in advance online by card, in order to confirm the reservation: the remaining 85% of the rental value will be paid when the car is picked up; 

- by making the full payment by card, for which you receive 5% discount

After making the online payment, the client receives the confirmation by e-mail with a temporary reservation; afterwards, the client will be contacted by the rent-a-car agent for the final confirmation. 

The guarantee will be paid in cash when the car is picked up or it will be blocked on the card, depending on the situation. 

In case you made a reservation by bank transfer / a reservation by cash payment at the company office and you want to cancel it: 

- if you notify us 48 hours in advance before the reservation enters into force, the advance / integral payment will be returned to you in full; 

- for cancellations notified between 48 and 24 hours before the reservation enters into force, the advance will not be returned, and the integral payment will be returned partially, being retained a cancellation fee of 15% of the integral payment; 

- for cancellations notified less than 24 hours, the advance payment is not returned, and in case of integral payment, this one is returned partially, as it is levied a cancellation fee of 25% of the integral payment. 

In case of an online reservation with the option full payment with the card and you want to cancel it, you can do it only after opting for STORNO insurance. Otherwise the full payment is not refundable. STORNO insurance offers 100% protection for full online payment, guaranteeing the full return of money, without the already paid STORNO insurance.


8.  Reservations at AutoBoca office:

You can make a reservation: 

- Either by paying 15 % of the rental value in advance, in cash / by payment order in the Euro account - RO65 BTRL 0610 4202 L503 72XX, Swift/BIC BTRLRO22 or in the RON account - RO90 BTRL 0610 1202 L503 72XX, and the remaining value will be paid when the car is picked up (when the agreement is signed). 

- Or by making the full payment in cash / by payment order in the Euro account - RO65 BTRL 0610 4202 L503 72XX, Swift/BIC BTRLRO22 or in the RON account - RO90 BTRL 0610 1202 L503 72XX. 

If the client wants to rent the car on place, he/she will make the full payment when the Agreement is signed, comprising the value of renting the car and the value of optional services/objects, the compulsory or optional insurances and other possible additional fees. 

The equivalent value of the contract does not include: 

- Fuel costs 

- Tickets received for breaking the rules of circulation on public roads or national legislation or costs resulted from actions of Local Authorities concerning the Vehicle which makes the object of the present Contract, during the renting period.



In case the excess is not insured (SCDW), a guarantee is perceived, value which is defined in the page describing Vehicle details (in case of online reservations), and will be communicated by the rent-a-car agent. 

In case the payment is made when the car is picked up, the guarantee is levied when the Rental Agreement is signed.


 10.  Insurance: 

The motor vehicle has RCA insurance and CASCO optional insurance. 

When signing the agreement, the client opts for one of the following excess protection replacing the guarantee payment: 

SCDW - it eliminates the client’s financial liability in case of accident (the client is completely exempted from any liability); SCDW is established depending on the car classification: 

Cheap Cars/Mini Cars- 12 euro 
Compact Cars /Medium Cars - 16 euro 
Suv/Vans/ Minibus/Premium Cars – 23 euro 

In case the client wants to leave the territory of Romania, it is necessary to extend the CASCO insurance policy, involving an additional fee between 10 and 30 EUR, depending on the value of the rented car and the countries crossed. 

Depending on the number of renting days, there are offered discounts from the total value of the excess protection:

SCDW 1– 7 days 8– 14 days 15- 30 days >30 days
Cheap Cars /
Mini Cars
Compact Cars/
Medium Cars
Suv/ Vans /
Minibus /Premium Cars 
Discount Discount Discount
  12 € /day 16 €/day   23 €/day 20% 25% 35%


  11.  Procedures in case of damage/accident:

The client has the obligation to announce immediately Autoboca Company and to report to the Police Authorities any damage discovered with the rented car. 

If the damage is caused by an unknown author, the Client has the obligation to obtain, before returning the car, the Authorization of Repair from the Police Authorities. 

If the accident is caused due to the Client’s fault, he/she has the obligation to hand over, when dropping off the car, together with the Authorization of Repair, the Report issued by the Police Authorities; moreover, the Client has the obligation to make a written Statement at the Autoboca’s office. 

In case the client or other driver is responsible for causing the accident, the Client has the obligation to fill in the Amicable Car Accident Settlement Form or to obtain from the Police Authorities the Authorization of Repair together with the Report and the copy after the insurance of the driver who has caused the accident, if he/she agrees; moreover, the Client has the obligation to make a written Statement at the Autoboca office. 

In all the above-mentioned cases, the Client has the obligation to check if all the damages are written on the Authorization of Repair issued by the Police Authorities.

   12.  Our company, offers the following accessories for rent:

Extra service Cheap Cars/ Mini Cars Compact Cars/ Medium Cars   Suv/ Vans/ Minibus/ Premium Cars
Child seat/day 3 € 3 € 3 €
Snow chains/day   2 € 4 €
5 €
GPS system/day 5 € 5 € 5 €
Internet To Go/day 6 € 6 € 6 €
Mobile phone/day 3 € 3 € 3 €

In case the additional equipment is damaged, the client is liable for the integral payment of its cost.

Our company will equip cars with snow tires, respecting the current legislation and without perceiving additional costs for this action. In situations when clients come from brokers or resellers, clients will pay Autoboca Rent A Car, additional costs concerning actions that involve equipping the car with snow tires, costs agreed upon in conformity with the Terms and Agreement of the broker firm that intermediated the reservations, the terms and conditions of the broker/reseller being known by the client during the reservation.

  13. Rentals across the Romanian borders

Rentals across the Romanian borders are allowed ONLY with the previous written approval of Autoboca Rent A Car.

In this case, the conditions and prices differ from the car rentals within the territory of Romania. Furthermore if you travel outside Romania, you have a limit to the kilometers undergone, depending on the country you wish to travel in or reach. If you go pass this limit of kilometers there will be an extra cost for each kilometer exceeded.

All the prices include VAT.

The total car rental value / additional services is invoiced in RON at the exchange rate of the Romanian National Bank +0.5% for payment when picking up the car; for online payment, the value is calculated at the exchange rate of the Romanian National Bank.

Payment can be done with credit card and debit cards, respectively for – guarantee payment, the cost of renting the car and adjacent services to the auto renting process – can be used CREDIT cards and, exclusively, for payment of the value of renting the car and adjacent services can be used DEBIT cards.