Why do so many people choose Autoboca services in Cluj?

Dedication to quality during each car renting process: Autoboca and its amazing welcoming cars in Cluj Napoca


In 2018 anyone coming to Cluj Napoca can rent a reliable car from Autoboca, a company known for its professional services. Ever since we opened our office in Cluj, we did our best to offer clients swift access to good quality cars. Taking into account the clients’ testimonials, it is safe to say that we do our job correctly. This result comes after getting feedback from clients. Their impressions helped us to develop new services, more appropriate to the clients’ immediate needs.

This is why we do our best to keep our clients close and to offer them the possibility to leave feedback. There were many people that rented from us different types of cars and left their impressions online about our services. Some of them can be consulted on our dedicated testimonials page.

We make it our top priority to help clients have a place to voice their concerns or experiences. This is why to publish some of the testimonials coming from different clients. Obviously, they give us the permission to publish their remarks. Some of these testimonials are pretty amazing, reflecting our dedication to qualitative services. As you probably know by now, our primary objective is to deliver professional services. In our car fleet in Cluj Napoca, you will find a wide range of cars, some models are even NEW.

The personal in Cluj has received high praises from clients, which comes as no surprise to us since we are very attentive to the agents that work at Autoboca. There were clients impressed by the top-notch quality of the cars rented and our willingness to go the extra mile in order to help out. “Exceptional for Romania,” said a client about us, after renting from us VW Polo with automatic transmission in February. Another client was pleased by our transparency policy.

She remarked that our agents in Cluj responded to all questions in a kind and friendly manner. Our agent waited for the client in the airport, and on the way to the office offered details on the car’s characteristics. The client rented VW Polo with automatic transmission, a very popular nowadays among clients. Are you surprised? Probably not!

Rent VW Jetta in Romania great price

Photo credit: Bogdan Tofan

Why do so many people can now opt with confidence for Autoboca service?

Dedication, car quality, professionalism and dedication to good quality services – these are the building blocks of our office in Cluj. Now, there are also other reasons that might encourage you to choose Autoboca services in this wonderful city.

Did you know that 96% of our clients recommend us to other people? They are satisfied with the services received and decide to guide people towards Autoboca. We are honored to see so many people recommend us as a reliable rent a car company. Such recommendations determine us to work harder in order to keep the quality standards high.

Did you know that we recently added new cars in our fleet? Autoboca tries to revitalize the fleet each year, adding new and amazing cars, from top auto producers. Recently we had the pleasure of adding in our fleet VW Polo (with automatic transmission), VW Jetta, VW Touran, VW Golf 7, Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer, Renault Trafic, Chevrolet Orlando and other models. These models were rented on several occasions by clients and did not disappoint.

We ensure 100% transparency policy during each renting process. Our agents will always talk with clients about the particularities of each phase of the renting process. As a client, you might have questions about the contract or the car that caught your attention. Autoboca agents will be there to answer them and provide assistance.

“In over 85% of cases, we offer the model selected on our website and not the auto class”.

In Cluj Napoca, anyone can rent a good car from Autoboca, without any stress whatsoever. You can either rent the car online or directly in our office. It is very easy to do so if you have access to an intuitive online form. Autoboca form implies going through three simple steps and at the end, you will receive a confirmation email from us. Our agents will give you the car clean and with a full tank of gas. You can use it without stopping to gas stations.

All welcoming cars present in our fleet can be used to explore the wonderful city of Cluj Napoca and its wondrous surroundings. With the right car, you will be able to reach your destination with pleasure and everyone inside will feel great.

We also invite you to keep track of the monthly offers that might help you save some money and get a good deal on a great car. If you can do so, why not take advantage of the offers? Visit our promotions section or our homepage, where you will find listed the active offers. Discover today our welcoming cars and take in the best that Cluj has to offer. It is a stunning city, with amazing locals and unique touristic objectives.

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