Why rent VW Polo Automat for winter city travels?

Need a good car for your stay in Romania for December? Discover the new VW Polo Automat today!

For the entire month of December, you can expect intense traffic, agitation and lots of agglomeration. This is the ideal month to explore certain Romanian towns and villages, for this is where you will find true holiday spirit. Millions of people all over the world are doing their best to prepare for Christmas, one of the most anticipated holiday.

This is one of the major festivities that is celebrated at an international level, which means that in pretty much any country you will notice the same enthusiasm and excitement. Today you can explore Romania with pleasure and without stress.

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Of course, there are differences given by the cultural spectrum, but the main message is the same: it’s the season to be jolly! And you wouldn’t be completely happy if you didn’t have your loved ones surrounding you on this special occasion. Besides, chances are that you haven’t seen each other all year long, considering that in the present day, most of us have a hectic schedule with very little time left for leisure. This is probably why Christmas seems to be the ideal moment to enjoy the company of friends and family. You won’t have to think about stress or problems.

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Romania is not in any way different, actually one could even dare to say that here, and the Christmas spirit is carefully blended with beautiful customs and traditions. For this reason, a large number of tourists choose to spend their holidays here. You will have access to a powerful combination: rich history and culture, beautiful landscapes and incredible cuisine. There so many traditions in our country that enrich the holiday, which deserves proper time to discover them. You can discover some of them in Moldova, Transylvania, Oltenia, Bukovina or Dobrogea.

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On Christmas (or any other big festivity), Romanians are not cutting themselves short when it comes to preparations. There will be beautiful decorations in every major city, every household and even at the local store, there is a high chance you will see a small Christmas tree quietly flickering in a corner. You will be able to attend some special events organized solely for Christmas, where you will see lots of singing, dancing and many traditions that take place on this special day.

There are many musical moments, designed by carolers and professional singers. They try to enhance the magical vibes through their beautiful voices. Most of the times they manage to do so.

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Traveling to a new country can offer a unique thrill and excitement knowing that there are so many things that you may discover and experience. However, there is a strong dose of uncertainty that comes along with trying anything for the first time.  Nonetheless, if you prepare carefully, you will have an amazing touristic experience and your trip will be stress-free. Now, that sounds like a good plan, no?

Visiting major Romanian cities will not only help you discover a new culture but also learn more about Christmas traditions in Romania. Even if your main goal is to spend as much time as possible with your loved ones, this doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in other fun activities as well. Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj are the main initial destinations for the majority of tourists that come here on Christmas. These are among the largest cities in Romania and they are also points of access to other areas in the country.

Unde este universitatea Cuza Iasi

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Even if you don’t plan on visiting other regions and you will stay in a big town like Bucharest or Iasi, there are still things to be done and many touristic attractions to be seen. Romania’s capital attracts thousands of visitors per season just because it’s a place filled with life, centuries of history and it has its own magic.

Indeed, the streets are busy, there are people coming and going, however, in all that agitation there is something special about Bucharest that really makes you fall in love with it. Not only that, but you can visit one of the biggest Christmas Fairs in the country. It takes place from the 1st of December until the 27th and once you set foot in this marvelous plaza, you will feel transported into the real magical land of Santa Claus.

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Iasi or Cluj Napoca are not as big as Bucharest, but don’t let yourself be fooled by the thought that it will be less crowded. Absolutely not! During Christmas, everybody’s in a rush trying to have access to some of the most advantageous products and service. However, you can still feel the charm and coziness in the air. Despite the terrible weather and the commotion, you will still enjoy your Christmas travels.

Of course, you have to come prepared. Yes, there is a magical side of the trip, but there is also a practical one. Since traffic will be one of your major problems, it would be best to have a very good quality car by your side. One that can move swiftly and without issues and help you get around easily and without headaches. Taking into account these criteria, AutoBoca has prepared a special offer for your winter city travels: rent the new VW Polo Automat at a good price!

Why should you also choose to collaborate with AutoBoca? Why should you rent VW Polo for your trips to major Romanian cities? In the following lines, we’ll give more details and we’re pretty sure that in the end, you will see that this is the best solution for you!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas: rent the new Polo Automat at an amazing price from Autoboca

In December, we have prepared many interesting offers and rent a car promotions that you can easily take advantage of. Our agents are 24/7 at your disposal in order to help you make the right choice. So why should you choose to rent VW Polo Automat for your winter city travels? Because it’s a beautiful model that can assist you without issues with your busy Christmas trips.

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The brand new VW Polo Automat is incredibly easy to drive and control, you will have less parking problems and even if this is a mini car, it still has plenty of space inside and in the trunk. Not only that, but it has an optimized engine to consume less gas, which means that you will be saving more money! According to our clients that used VW Polo Automat as their partner on the road, this lovely mini was exactly what they needed to face the terrible traffic.

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Where can you rent the brand new VW Polo Automat at an advantageous price? AutoBoca can be the answer! We have offices in all the major cities and airports in Romania, so you can even expect us to wait for you (at your preferred location), with VW Polo Automat, freshly cleaned and with a tank full of gas! Why would you say no to that? As we’ve mentioned, for the entire month of December, we have special discounts and promotions. So, don’t hesitate any longer: take advantage of this opportunity and reserve your welcoming car today!

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