Winter Wonderland in Romania

Coming to Romania for the winter holidays? Get ready for an exciting and fun trip in a wonderful country!

Winter has certainly shown no mercy and has come to Romania in its full power. The low temperatures have affected the normal human activities. It is harder to drive on the snowy roads. We have to be extra careful while on the road. There are new challenges to consider and not ignore. As you probably noticed by now, the road are icy and snowy, which present difficulties that have to be overcome with attention.

Snow is pretty much everywhere and especially in the mountains. This time of year is fairly challenging, as we have to face a lot of cold, freezing temperatures and the streets are more slippery and prone to accidents. Nonetheless, it’s not all bad. Winter has some a pretty amazing side and that can be fully experienced within the mountains.

Why? Because in those regions, snow looks truly magical and you also have the opportunity to go skiing or ice skating! These are fun activities that simply delight. It does wonders for a simple travel experience, making it quite special.

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With Christmas quickly on its way, thousands of people are planning to have a great time in Romania. Some of them actually manage to discover some of the most beautiful places in this East European country, packed with unique vibrations and unforgettable traditions and warm locals.

The real Romania is absolutely brilliant, worth discovering without stress or rush. Stress and agitation are a part of your daily routine, it should not be a part of your holiday also. Why not take this opportunity to discover the pleasure of having fun? It is quite easy to reduce the amount of stress you experience during a trip in Romania and not only.

Photo credit: Marius Isac

There is absolutely no need to rush things. With the right travel plan, it becomes easier to enjoy a nice time, maybe even make it incredible. How exactly can you put together an incredible vacation in Romania? In just 5 simple steps! Some patience is required but in the end, it will be definitely worth it. So what exactly do you have to do in order to enjoy an incredible holiday?

5 easy steps for a winter wonderland in Romania

Gather information. That’s right, the first step consists of researching and reading about the touristic possibilities in Romania. Is it your first time here? Then the more reason to begin your “investigation”. Luckily, there are hundreds of websites and travel blogs devoted solely to discovering Romania. Some people will explain in detail their experiences and what they visited and a short review of that location.

In this manner, you will have an idea of what are the things you’d like to see. Perhaps it’s a medieval castle, a picturesque mountain village, the wonders of the capital or the beautifully painted monasteries in Bukovina and the list can continue.

Photo credit: Mihaela Tănase

Set up an itinerary. After you’ve made a list with the things you’d like to see in Romania for the winter, the next step is creating the travel route. There is a high chance that the places you want to visit may be positioned in different corners of the country. This means that you have to choose one of them, which is closer to the rest of the desired destinations. If you have a couple of days off, most likely you don’t want to spend them only on the road (since driving can be a hassle during winter).

Search for good deals. The holidays are always a very busy period. Everybody wants to get somewhere as fast as possible. We all want to find the best present to give to our loved ones and the perfect ingredients for the family dinner. This means there will be a lot of agitation and last minute buys are never the best investments.

Thus, it couldn’t hurt to begin your “hunt” now. Look for some good deals on airplane tickets and hotels in Romania (preferably with a good restaurant nearby). If you search carefully, you will really be able to save yourself a lot of money. They can be later used for more fun activities!

Find the proper car. Since the whole point of this vacation is to travel from one location to another, you will be needing a reliable vehicle. Depending on the number of passengers, how much luggage you are carrying, you have to look for the appropriate model. A handy solution would be to opt for rental services. Why? Because they are professionals and can deliver an excellent model that you will enjoy driving. AutoBoca can be of real help here. How exactly? We shall explain in the following lines, which can be quite useful.

Have fun. Planning a holiday can be stressful as you want to make sure that everything is perfect not only for you but for the rest of the passengers as well. No need to stress and even if not all goes according to plan, this won’t mean that your vacation is ruined. Just enjoy the beauties of Romania and make the most of your days off! This country is more than ready to greet people from all over the world.

Great welcoming cars for an incredible touristic experience this winter in Romania

A vacation means that it’s time for relaxing, unwinding and sharing beautiful moments with people close to us. And why not do all that this winter in Romania? The Carpathian Mountains are extremely beautiful this time of year and you will be utterly surprised by the locations you will find here. The majority of tourists prefer mountain resorts like Vatra Dornei, Pojorata, Sinaia, Azuga, Predeal, Campulung Moldovenesc, Gura Humorului or Poiana Brasov. 

These are usually the places where people can have fun and discover fascinating things about Romania. Not only that but you will have several ski slopes close by, equipped properly for skiing or snowboarding. This is a fun way to stay warm and also keep yourself in shape! Of course, safety comes first so make sure that you follow the guidelines of the specialized personnel.  

Photo credit: Marius Isac

And after all that fun on the slopes, you may want to slow things down a little and venture into the magical world of the Romanian cuisine. Your taste buds will be extremely grateful for deciding to try some of our best dishes. Depending on the area that you chose to visit, you can try some local specialties (it may be a different type of soup, stew, dessert or an incredibly delicious steak). Also, the wines are incredible in Romania as we have our very own vineyards. 

If you arrived in a mountain resort in the northern part of the country (like Vatra Dornei, Campulung Moldovenesc, Gura Humorului) it would be a real shame not to visit some of the most valued historical constructions. Suceava Fortress, Voronet and Humor Monastery, the wooden churches of Maramures are just a couple of the main attractions that deserve your attention. It’s also a chance to learn about Romanian history and discover a fun and wonderful world.

Robert Raducanu

In case you decided to visit a mountain resort in the southern part (Poiana Brasov, Predeal, Sinaia, and others), rest assured there are plenty of amazing touristic objectives to visit. You can begin with exploring the city of Brasov and its surroundings (Zarnesti village, Rasnov Citadel, Bran Castle) or visit Peles Castle in Sinaia and at the end of your trip, you could spend a couple of hours in Bucharest also. You will be surprised by the wonders hidden in the capital.

As we mentioned earlier, AutoBoca can help you have a beautiful touristic experience in Romania. How? By providing access to excellent cars fit for winter travels. With that in mind, we recommend that you rent a VW Jetta, Suzuki Vitara or a VW Touran. Why these selections? Because these are among the top favorite models for driving in winter by our customers. These vehicles are spacious, powerful, easy to drive and can get you safe and sound to all of your desired destinations.

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Jetta can be rented for a family vacation, Suzuki Vitara for a group of friends and VW Touran for a large group of people. And the best part is that you will find these vehicles at AutoBoca at a really special price. Discover our winter promotions today and reserve your very own welcoming car! We can help you experience the most out of a trip in Romania! 

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