5 reasons why Suzuki Vitara should be your travel companion this summer

Are you prepared for summer 2018? Care-free travels to Romania with the new Suzuki Vitara!

With each day that passes we are getting closer and closer to one of the most beloved periods of the year: summer. Everything seems to be far more enticing and pleasing during this season. The surroundings get greener, the sun is shining and even our worries seem to be less stressful. The prospects for a good time increase with each passing day.

Everyone loves to “bathe” in the Sun’s rays. There are also so many places to visit this summer that you could use a secondary vacation to make the most out of each trip. In the present there are a lot of places that have something special.

Marea Neagra Romania

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Psychologically speaking, summer induces a better mood for the majority of us with a strong focus towards spending time outside, relaxing and recharging our energies. It is like nature created winter for tedious amounts of work and summer as a recompense for all the effort. This is the ideal season for a beautiful trip with friends and family. One thing is certain: you can set aside problems and stress elements and enjoy your next trip.

Of course, our schedules don’t really allow us to take months off from our duties, but this doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a couple of days of sun and far away from our office jobs. And since this moment is soon to arrive, the question on everyone’s minds is: where will we spend our summer holidays this year? This is a tough question which needs to be handled with patience.

After all, we’ve been waiting for the whole year for this holiday. We can put on hold work-related matters and other stressful activities that seem to take so much of our energies. The goal is to make the most of our vacation days and be able to do the things we love the most. For most of us, this translates into traveling (perhaps to a different country), getting involved in the exploration of nature (mountain trekking, surfing, visiting natural reservations, magical waterfalls and so on) or going sight-seeing. Nonetheless, the reason behind all of it is to relax and spend some quality time with the people we care about the most.

Romania seems to be among the favorite travel destinations for summer 2018 and with good reasons. There’s so much beauty, history, and culture hidden in these lands that will certainly leave you wanting for more. Transfagarasan (the most beautiful road in the world), Balea Lake (an oasis within the mountains), Colibita Lake (the seaside of the mountains) plus dozens of waterfalls, medieval castles, impressive churches, and monasteries are pretty good reasons to want to visit Romania this summer. It is very important to have swift access to useful information on some of the best places to visit in our wonderful country this summer.

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With proper information and the help of professionals, you will be able to create a fascinating itinerary which will allow you to get a better overview of the tremendous beauties that are hidden in this land. Depending on your preferences and the time on your hands you could spend a couple of days in the heart of the mountains and then move on to exploring small medieval cities (such as Sibiu, Sighisoara, Brasov) and finish your stay with a quick tour of the capital or another important key point of Romania (like Iasi, Cluj-Napoca or Timisoara). In this manner, you get a little glimpse of the magic of each part of the country and perhaps learn new things on the way.

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However, in order to travel care-free (especially on Transfagarasan which is a breathtaking yet dangerous serpentine), you will need a proper car. It would be preferred to have a means of transport which has a sturdy constitution, it is easy to manage and has plenty of space in order to travel comfortably. Fortunately, you can easily find a good car to rent and use on the open roads.

AutoBoca can be of help in this aspect. We are a trustworthy rental firm with 10 years of experience in the field. During this time, we helped thousands of clients to have amazing auto experiences. For summer travels to Romania we recommend that you rent the new Suzuki Vitara. Why exactly? In the following lines, we’ll give you 5 good reasons why you should rent Suzuki Vitara for summer travels to Romania! Are you ready to discover them? Hopefully, your answer is yes!

5 reasons to choose Suzuki Vitara for your summer vacation in Romania

Finding the proper means of transport when traveling to a new country can turn out to be a difficult process (especially if you’re not familiar with the area and with the services available). However, the Internet can be a useful ally in the search of a good car.

Online, you can easily access good websites which will guide you towards the right answers. AutoBoca has a simple online rental reservation process and in just 3 steps you will be able to rent the vehicle you desire.

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As we’ve mentioned previously, we suggest that you rent Suzuki Vitara for your touristic endeavors to Romania. What makes this model a good choice? Here are the main advantages of driving this beautiful SUV:

Stability. We all want a reliable car that is easy to control and adapts to the road conditions. Well, Suzuki Vitara meets this criterion and won’t leave you disappointed. You will feel safe in this SUV and you will actually enjoy driving through the country.

Space. Suzuki Vitara comes with plenty of room to travel comfortably and without stress. Not only that, but it has a generous trunk so you can deposit all the necessary luggage.

High-performance. Suzuki Vitara was very appreciated by our clients especially when it comes to driving, maneuverability and its features. It has shown a good performance on the road, especially during long trips. So you can venture with this SUV on a small circuit of the country.

Powerful yet elegant. Vitara is a hybrid model of an SUV which means that it combines the best of two worlds: the power of a regular SUV and the elegance of a compact vehicle. This is exactly what makes this car ideal for traveling through various areas of the country.

Adaptable to road conditions. With the new Suzuki Vitara, you will have very little to be worried about the challenges of the mountain roads. It’s properly equipped to face all of them!

Considering these advantages, we are convinced that you will enjoy driving Suzuki Vitara for your summer holiday in Romania. And the best part is that you can rent it at a special price from AutoBoca. Within minutes, one of our agents will get the car all set to take you on an adventure. Contact us today and take advantage of our offers. You will be surprised by our offers and how we propose to deliver quality experiences.

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