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In 2018 there are many people that want to access professional car renting services in Romania. The need for auto mobility is growing these days. More and more people want to access good services whenever they require a car for a specific period of time. Are you planning to visit Romania in the following weeks? If you decided to spend your holidays here, then you will not be disappointed. Our country is more than ready to greet people with amazing touristic spots and amazing stories.

Even if the purpose of the visit is solely business, it would be a real shame not to make some time to explore the surrounding areas. Big cities like Iasi, Bucharest, Bacau, Cluj-Napoca have many treasures hidden within them, each with their own story to tell. A couple of days devoted to traveling here would be enough to cure you of stress, worries and take a break from the routine. These cities are known for their lively pace and business sense.

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In the past few years, millions of people from all over the world have discovered the natural wonders of this magnificent land and keep coming back for more. The beauty and grandeur of the Carpathian Mountains have conquered the hearts of the tourists and they never cease to amaze.

Due to centuries of history, hundreds of medieval constructions (palaces, castles, fortresses) and charming customs and traditions, make Romania an excellent vacation destination. Our country can become a source of joy and serene excitement for most visitors.

Photo credit: Vasile Prisacariu

There is much to be seen and done here. Some of the main landmarks have made it, to top most fascinating locations in the world (like Bigar Waterfall, Bran Castle, Corvin Castle, Voronet Monastery and so on). You only need enthusiasm for discovery and a high-quality car by your side. If you will be on the road for many hundreds of kilometers it would be preferred to have a reliable means of transport which can provide safety and stability. Fortunately, there are good ways to explore Romania and not go through bad experiences.

One major concern for every new visitor to Romania (especially a foreigner) is finding professional services to assist them in their journey here. It is important to have access to high-quality cars, capable of ensuring good auto experiences. Most likely you will want to travel as much as possible and discover many new and fascinating locations.

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Therefore, the means of transport chosen plays an essential role in the entire touristic experience. It would be advisable to choose an appropriate model which fits your transportation needs. So, are you ready to go through a good experience? If you are then it would be nice to find a reliable car to rent.

For this reason, the majority of tourists choose a rent a car service. In this manner, you will cross from your list an important element and you can venture on your vacation with less stress. Of course, at this aspect, the expertise and professionalism of the rental company have a big influence. If you will collaborate with a firm that indeed provides excellent offers, then you will feel care-free and really enjoy your time here.

Therefore, the main question is: how do you find professional rent a car services in Romania? Luckily, there are several companies here that you can truly rely on and AutoBoca is one of them. Why would you choose one of our welcoming cars? There are many reasons why a collaboration with AutoBoca would be convenient for you. Why should you consider renting a car from us? Well, we invite you to find out more right now!

First of all, we have plenty of experience in the auto field which helped us learn which vehicles are best fit for travels in Romania. Secondly, our main focus is always the needs of our clients. We know very well that the only way to keep our customers happy is by providing the cars they need, at very good prices. Thirdly, our specialists work constantly on improving our fleet and they perform a thorough analysis of the models that actually are selected. And finally, we keep our word. We promise quality and we deliver, regardless of the effort necessary.

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Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. On the contrary! We invite you to read what our clients have to say about the services and vehicles provided by AutoBoca. A very good way to determine if a particular company is worthy of your attention is to know more about the experiences their clients had. These are unbiased and real opinions of people just like you that were looking for a high-quality car.

Masina Skoda Rapid imagine

Considering this aspect, we would like to share with you the feedback left by Mr. Thomas Mueller-Nordhoff. He rented a Skoda Rapid in Cluj-Napoca for 2 days in January 2018. In the following lines, you will be able to read the answers he gave to our quality questionnaire and find out for yourself why AutoBoca can be the right choice for you.

Excellent service and an excellent car

We always strive to improve our services and the only way to do that is by listening to our clients. Therefore, after each rent, we send a quality questionnaire meant to assess our services and listen to suggestions on what can be done better. Mr. Mueller-Nordhoff was very kind to take a few moments of this time and provide us with a valuable feedback. Here is what he thought of AutoBoca and our welcoming car:

Skoda Rapid autoturism inchiriere

  1. How satisfied were you of the value for money? 5 STAR
  2. How happy were you with the way you were received/greeted by our agents at the renting office? 5 STAR – Comment: Best service I’ve ever seen, not only in Romania – WORLDWIDE!
  3. How do you appreciate the time spent when you picked out the car? 5 STAR – Comment: Very fast!
  4. How do you appreciate the time spent when you dropped off the car? 5 STAR – Comment: Even faster.
  5. How satisfied were you with the cleanliness from the car? 5 STAR – Comment: Perfect!
  6. How happy were you with the technical state of the car? 5 STAR – Comment: Perfect!
  7. How do you think of the rent a car office? Easy/hard to find? 5 STAR – Comment: Easy to find.
  8. Would you recommend us to others? 5 STAR – Comment: Sure!

As you can clearly see from the answers given, Mr. Muller was very satisfied with the promptitude and professionalism of AutoBoca. The car was handed clean and in excellent conditions and our agents were very fast with the entire rental process. Our time is valuable and we don’t want to waste it! In our fleet, you will find many new models, recently introduced such as VW Jetta, VW Polo Automat, Suzuki Vitara, Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer, VW Touran and the list can continue.

So, if you’re ever in need of a good car for your travels in Romania, you can always contact AutoBoca. We’re here for you 24/7 and we have some amazing rental offers that you should not miss. Discover them today!

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